Saturday, 29 November 2014


Amid the winter lights people do sit and then rise and wildly whirl high up in the Edinburgh sky, amid much squealing and screaming that reaches us down below. This is one ride that is not for the Don of QuiScottie. Oh no.


  1. Nor for the child of the elephant. Eeeeuw. Pretty from the ground though (minus the squeals).

  2. There is now way I would go on that either. Your photo however is fabulous :-)

  3. The high whirlers are sitting in pairs in open seats with legs flailing outward, bejingo! And last year a metal bit fell off and narrowly missed killing someone below. Frankly, I am surprised it was allowed to continue after that, and so in addition to not riding I also try to avoid being too close beneath. It's not that I'm not brave - the whole world surely knows I am - but (despite what many say) I'm not stupid.

  4. Lovely pic, Andrew. Must go in to town to see this.

    Will make a change from being consumed by Willie Macrae. He's taken me over!

  5. To see it Calum? Or to take a seat, pull down the retaining bar and have a ride?

    And your Willie Macrae posts are going to be very interesting, especially since you are approaching them with the objectivity of the scientist that you are (or you may prefer "were").

  6. Look at not go on.

    I can't even go on the toddlers' waltzer which is shaped like a teacup!!!

    'Were' but you can take the man out of science but not science out the man.

    Do I have that the right way round?

  7. Ha ha - I can just see you going round ever so slowly on the toddlers teacup ride with your white knuckles holding on tight :)

    However much science may have bled out of you there is clearly a fair bit left. But a man who became steeped in the science of whisky can be forgiven for wondering if he is getting things the wrong way round.