Monday, 17 November 2014


Children can approach sanity, I suppose, if sometimes brutally so.

Like the little neighbour girl who on hearing the Don's age a few years ago repeated the relevant number awestruck, and then added, 'Isn't that nearly dead?'

And the same astute lass declared to her mother that I was, 'a very strange man,' meriting a scolding about rudeness rather than the deserved congratulations for her insight.

But the sanity fades away with age. Not the fading of advanced age - that is a different matter - but the fading away of all sanity that is generally associated with what is laughingly called "growing up".

And so it reaches the stage where these grown up people, if they have no money, will find a way to buy a few pounds, or a lot of pounds, with each pound costing more than a pound. Often much more. They do call such arrangements loans. I have never understood them. The very people who should not pay more than a pound for a pound are the people who don't have any pounds to begin with (or dollars, yen, bawbees...).

Or maybe it is Don QuiScottie who is mad.

Anyhow, I noticed children lining up to see a man in red and white called Santa Claus, apparently, on the 15th of November.

And I heard a lady ask a shop assistant in Poundland how much a certain item was. Hmm...

And I paid two pounds and 83 pence for a cup of coffee. It was big bowl of latte, but two pounds and 83 pence?

Perhaps I'm mad.


  1. I have often thought that the shop should be renamed Pounds+Land...

  2. I have often thought that the shop should be renamed Pounds+Land...

  3. And the thought of '+' seems to have caused my comment to post twice!!

    How odd...

  4. It's a Comment Once Get One Free offer, Lady Cherie.