Sunday, 23 November 2014

Seasonal balls up

I do see the muchly coloured balls of the season of the solstice (and other silly things) are upon us again, which does discomfit my noble equilibrium somewhat, but not too much these days since my seasonal shopifaction and celebrationing does now consist of... the transfer of many virtual golden pennies to the balances of the Prince & Princess QuiScottie... then the despatching of fewer than ten winter solstice cards to fulfil my seasonal duty while irritating those who think this time does signify something other than the ancient festival of a dying then reborn sun... and of course the close and cosy cuddling of my beautiful Lady Margaret Dulcinea QuiScottie, who submits most sweetly to the Don's affection while possibly reassuring herself that the noble embrace will not last too long... Oh, and some fine food, I suppose, and the lighting up of an evergreen tree that does represent the continuing survival of life itself even as each life must someday end.

1 comment:

  1. How nice that your equilibrium is neither shaken nor stirred (much) by the seasonal insanity.