Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Don Revived

Seanso's Magic Potion, available here, may have revived my noble parts and as I recently declared on his good blog, "my noble new quest [is] the search for sanity amid a world of nonsense. It looks like a tough one, but I am a tough Don ... or have I finally flipped a flip too far?"

We shall see, as on my good new steed Apocalypse I tentatively leave Castle Don QuiScottie, bidding the fair sweet Margaret-Dulcinea QuiScottie goodbye, and trot out in search of some sanity somewhere around me, with none visible as I cast my eye around thus far...


  1. Good luck Don. I'll stay behind and look after the castle (and Margaret-Dulcinea...)

  2. Good-luck.
    Sanity is a trickster - and hides very, very well.

  3. Ah, welcome fair infant elephant, being the first creature to commentificate on this revived and revised quest of the great and noble Don QuiScottie, who some do declare deluded for believing that sound sanity must surely linger somewhere. Shall I seek this trickster out? I'll try.

  4. Good luck in your noble quest...

    It seems that Seanso' Magic potion works wonders!