Saturday, 8 June 2013

Done Don

The persona of noble Don QuiScottie is riding off into the sunset, having had his day here. I will be blogging in future as Andrew MacLaren-Scott at There are good professional and personal reasons for this, but there is no need to relate them here.

This Don QuiScottie blog will remain live meantime and my new site also carries all the posts of this blog and also my previous blogging identities as Homo Insciens and plain Andrew Scott.

Dulcinea is faithfully clinging to the back of her Deluded Don as the good horse Apocalypse takes them onwards and into the history of the future, a history that may one day be told in full if fancy takes me that way. I have had some fun with the Don, and with Dulcinea.

I give my thanks to those who have been along for the ride.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Solitary journey

As it is for us all, really

Day 1

Princess QuiScottie, home for the weekend, took this photo as she and The Good Lady Dulcinea had their breakfast in the garden while the Don was still asleep and dreaming of riding out on his new steed Apocalypse to change the world. Not a bad morning for what I regard as the first morning of Summer. By the time I got out there it was raining, but the sun returned for the evening.

At the bottom of my garden

Each year just what Nature grows, and this year Nature has chosen to dress in white

Heavy Metal High