Thursday, 16 May 2013

The owl goes

See that shadow? That was Andrew aka Stupid Damn Don QuiScottie taking a photo of our local Roman ditch and wall that was part of a big marching camp that my ancestors used to raid for food... Pasta, pizza... lovely... So anyway with his back turned I swooped on the old fool and I swear if he had only had hair for my talons to grip I could have lifted him up. Much blood flowed from a bald head though. Ha ha! I like blood, I'm a big bad ass owl... But I don't think my Deputy Don stint is turning out as The Don expected, so I had better be gone. I don't expect to be invited back. Happy hunting to you all and dig those claws in deep. I think the nutter has got another deputy lined up already actually.



  1. What a strange Owl you are.

    I have many in my home and they are all quite placid in comparison!

    I can provide photographic evidence if needed ;-)

  2. What ever makes you think you would not be welcome back? And what ever makes you think you need an invitation? Don't owls (particularly big bold blood thirsty ones) go where-ever they want?