Thursday, 23 May 2013

The one

If I was only allowed to listen to one piece of music for the rest of my life...


  1. Agreed about Rachmaninoff, but number 2 wins for me.

  2. Ah... I could've predicted that you Romantic young chap :) Number 2 is probably my Number 2 if I am allowed two. Number 3 rewards more once one has got really used to it though, I find, for me.

    I would probably not choose this version though, which may be blasphemy to some. I listened to the whole thing on my drive into Edinburgh, and as almost always happens, came closest to epiphany that this cynical old mind is ever likely to come.

    Have now just listened through this Horowitz version too. That's 88 minutes well spent today :) I also have a recording of the man Rachmaninoff playing it himself, but dare I say, he goes a bit too fast for me. But he is, The One.

  3. Love the way he punches the air at 41:43. Probably last time he ever played it apparently. Hmmm.

  4. It is truly beautiful, but I am glad that we aren't limited to one piece. There are moods of mine which this would neither suit nor soothe...