Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Quiet evening

Waving hello

Facing up to the sun

Lurking in an alley

Noticing that the sun has made it round to set outside my windows again, so it must be May, by the calibration system of the big glass polyhedron

and watching it go


  1. Great set of photos - I especially like the "alien waving" one!

  2. Love those photos! But you missed me between the two buildings...

  3. I waited a long time too Claude, but of course just to offer you protection (at a price). I have a large group of little old ladies under my protection, all at very reasonable prices. Takes me a long evening each week to go around in my balaclava collecting my money. They never seem very pleased to see me though, ungrateful dears.

    Thanks Craig. Glad you liked them.

  4. Your contemplative nature keeps shining through.

  5. That's nice Susan. I do like a bit of contemplation, while trying to avoid it becoming worrying rumination. The trick is to keep some control over where the contemplation flows.

  6. Waving a friendly Hello back :-)