Monday, 6 May 2013


"Oh look. That's interesting. I didn't know that they had been here."

"Ah... neither did I," I said. "I thought it was just some mythical beast."

"Myths are there for a reason," she assured me.

"They're smart little creatures though, these ones," she added. "That's why they stay away. And look at the date on that mural. 1511. And August... so precise..."


"Oh nothing... Never mind. Nothing for you to worry your ugly big head about my dear."

"The date is significant?"

"Everything is significant, silly... Even you."


  1. Myths often express profound truths.

    Love those photos. You're giving me good ideas for my next Toronto walks.

  2. Excellent photos!

    I agree with Claude, there is a lot of truth hidden within the myths.

  3. I would like to steal that for my garden. Do you think they'd notice?

  4. Maybe I should start casting and selling replicas.

  5. Oh, it's wonderful! Do you know what it is, Andrew?
    Something else one doesn't see the likes of down here in the boring antipodes.

  6. Myths ALWAYS represent profound truths. I love Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell.
    The myth of Jesus is just one of very many describing the path of The Hero.

  7. I know why it is there and what the "R" means (designates the Rollo family of Duncrub) but I don't know what it is meant to be.

    As for your view on myths... you provoke thoughts in me, as usual.