Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Magnificent nonsense

I cannot watch any of our royal events, but perhaps especially the state opening of Parliament, without thinking of the world of Gormenghast created by Mervyn Peake, which is possibly the best work of fiction I have read.

Bellgrove, young Titus and Barquentine drawn by Mervyn Peake (© The Mervyn Peake Estate)

and no, I did not sit down deliberately to watch the state opening of Parliament on TV, but chanced upon the end of it as I had my late morning coffee and fruit breakfast. I love the horses.


  1. I also really liked the Gormenghast trilogy - but had a soft spot for Mr Pye too. A sadly underrated writer - and artist.

  2. Mr Pye is rather wonderfully weird.

  3. Oh oh oh! The Gormenghast Trilogy is one of my favourite bits of literature. I've read it twice so far and enjoyed it just as much the second time.

  4. A little group of people assembling who seem rather similar... which should perhaps worry each or us.