Sunday, 26 May 2013

Into a new dimension

The Don and his Darling Dulcinea came over all modern on Saturday evening and took in 3-D cinematography with 3-D glasses on for the first time, and I think Dulcinea looked very fetching in them (as she does in anything, or nothing), while The Don just looked ridiculous (as he does in most things, and especially in nothing).

We also took little Aileen the Alien in heavy disguise, and as she was assessed as being a small child we had to give our express permission for her to view the Certificate 12A Star Trek - Into Darkness, which precaution she found absolutely hilarious, muttering, "This little kiddy could show them something that would scare them witless," before I told her to shut up if she wanted to see the film.

"Only 3-D?" she kept teasing... "5-D is far superior, although 7-D does get a bit confusing."

Oh, and have you heard that old Rocinante has been pensioned off and The Don has a new and genetically engineered horror horse called Apocalypse, now?

I mean I've got her (yes her - the females are always the worst, which means best) now, and she is called Apocalypse. I don't mean that she is called Apocalypse Now. That would be silly. We are riding out into the world soon. Be warned...

Oh, and Dulcinea and Aileen have now both approved the proof copy of Alien Island, the sequel to Aileen the Alien, so it will be hitting the bookstores with its follow-up and once again entirely true story, but once again disguised as a 'novella', in just a few weeks, and in both print and digital forms eventually. I know the world has been waiting.

There are also some other equally questionable treats on the proof presses at this very moment.

By the way, did you notice all those empty seats behind us? Something scared everybody away, and I'm not sure that it was Aileen.


  1. Oooh Alien Island and MORE treats. You have been busy.

  2. I defy anyone to look "cool" in those contraptions. Well done on the new literary epic.

  3. Could your next book be entitled, "Aileen and James" ..... of Nourishing etc. I think their encounter might be brief.

  4. I don't know what you mean by that Calum. Have been mulling over several possibilities but without reaching any conclusion.

  5. I AM surprised!

    But then that happens often.

  6. I think there are more dimensions of possibility than you may imagine, and some of them suggest why such an encounter may last longer than you suggest, and may develop into places you have not imagined. But if any conflict or even combat came into the scenario I do know that the little lizardy lady would win every time. But then she would with any of us.

  7. And to get back to EC... I keep getting told that these recent forays into what I am pretending are fiction are funny, by many varied people, so I am managing to overlook that they don't seem to be being believed. It makes Aileen a little angry when she visits, but I buy her a milkshake at McDonald's off the royalties and she cheers up. Alien Island will appear on Amazon within days in print form for a mere few dollars or pounds or euros (automatic conversion using any credit card worldwide), and hopefully in digital form for e-book readers not long after. Then Report on Sample 717, a substantially longer true drama will follow in a couple of months or so. An agent of minor status sniffed around recently and asked for 15%, but I am avoiding that route meantime. I had an agent for my non-fiction efforts and they didn't help much. In Alien's land the first film is already out, which should of course also happen here (although those who have read Aileen the Alien will know that 3D would be insufficient).

    And Craig... Princess QuiScottie posted the images above on her Facebook page and one of her rather more trendy young friends commented: "Big Andy looks ridiculously cool." Do you think I should be suspecting him of insincerity?

  8. Cute?

    My Good Lady, yes... but Moi? Cute? I would suggest No. But I'll take it nonetheless, thanks :)