Friday, 24 May 2013

Innocent tunnel

Photos courtesy of my daughter on her way home tonight from The Sheep Heid Inn, and this very long tunnel is not the place to be at night if you are unsure of your friends. It was part of The Innocent Railway, reputedly named that because no workers died during its construction, although an alternative explanation says the name refers to the fact that the railway was horse-drawn during an era when steam engine trains were thought to be unsafe.  It was the first public railway tunnel in Scotland, possibly in Britain as well, built in 1830.

I am led to believe that they are three nice lads. They probably have more to fear from her actually. I think that's her boyfriend standing alone with the eh... welcoming arms?

It's one third of a mile long and you can take a cycle ride through it on this link.

Apparently there is "a Rave" taking place in the tunnel later tonight, so you might just get there in time to enjoy the noise (eh, music) echoing off these walls if you hurry. I'll give it a miss myself.

She also took a photo of the moon reflecting off Duddingston Loch

There is something about the old historical places in Edinburgh that is very appealing, at least to me, being of Edinburgh origin.


  1. With apologies to Dave and Andy I have mis-identified Andy as Dave. Andy's arms held high. Right, that clears that up (and I have no idea who the heck Andy is anyway, but he's not Dave).

  2. Gorgeous photos - a talented daughter. I am a bit claustrophobic and don't do tunnels well. A rave in one would be my idea of hell.

  3. That moon photo is fantastic.

    I'm glad that Dave is not Andy, and Andy is not Dave. If a rave is what I think it is, (loud enough to wake up the dead) it could be where I would need to be but I doubt they would want an old lady with a walker there. Therefore, I'll abstain.

  4. You would be the star of the event Claude, I am sure, and I expect many youngsters would want a shot of your walker.

    And Andy is probably glad that he is not Dave too... although hang on... Dave is daughter's boyfriend... Oh... I had better say that Andy probably wishes he was Dave. But she is probably glad that Dave is not Andy.. or... oh maybe I should just shut up (that's usually a wise plan but I rarely follow it).

    And re The Rave, I think I am with EC on that, becayse my ears would probably bleed, but if Claude was going I'd be there (with ear plugs in).

  5. I really like the tunnel photos, well done mini Don...
    I got a bit lost with Andy and Dave... please pass on my apologies.

  6. Apologies to whom Craig? To Andy or to Dave? Or to both? Or to my daughter? Ach I'll just cover all bases by saying Craig says sorry to all of you... and then they'll say "Who's Craig? And apologies for what?"

    Sometimes I wish I had never started some trains of thought (along innocent railways).

  7. It looks like quite an adventure from an enclosed tunnel we eventually reach the moon!

    Fabulous picture :-)