Saturday, 11 May 2013

Calum's Clumsy Land

I seem to have arrived in the Land of Clumsy, a mysterious chap who is an alter-ego, or lodger, or perhaps demonic friend or foe of the blogger who calls himself Calum Carr. I think Clumsy may sneak into Calum's files of photos mostly taken on the wonderful west coast of Scotland, and manipulate them somewhat, although I am not sure, but I do like the results. All these images are copyright of Calum Carr and/or Clumsy, so please do not reproduce without Calum's permission, to be found on



  1. Oh, when I said "please do not reproduce without Calum's permission", I did not mean to bestow on Calum the right to control all sex and reproduction on planet Earth and beyond. A careless slip by the Don there, which I hope can be reversed. Please do not reproduce ANY OF THESE IMAGES without Calum's permission.

    So... as you were people, and shag on...

  2. Thank God for your clarification because me and my man were going to have to change our plans for a Saturday night in. Clumsy's land looks rather familiar to me. Near Jura I suspect. Lucky Clumsy.

  3. Ah... Miss Anonymiss returns? It has been a long time lass. But which Anonymiss? I do recall evidence that there were more than one popping in, or at least so one of them claimed; and then when I broached the issue with the lady who I suspected of being one of my Anonymisses she proclaimed innocence of much, but not of everything. Interesting. I shall be looking into the eyes of several women next week to see if they betray evidence of what I suspect (and the other ones will just scream "stop staring at me creep", as they usually do).A steamy Saturday night in with your man and knowledge of Jura eh? This narrows the field significantly...

  4. Clearly the lady is correct in her geographical deductions.

    I am glad, Don, that you corrected my role in the reproductive habits of others. I may be jealous but, beyond that, each to his/her own in his/her own time.

    Now I must point out that this is Calum speaking. I know not of Clumsy's views on such matters. We are not particularly close.

  5. Fantasmagoric!

    Are they photos or paintings?
    Some sceneries are truly inviting; others are a bit nightmarish. But all have a definite quality appeal.

  6. Extremely creative and beautifully done... I like very much.

  7. I love them all but am especially in awe of the seaside rock one (No 4), with Clumsy's sensitive image manipulation (I presume) drawing out the varied chemistry of the rock. I think that face in the 2nd last one may be Calum as he is seen through Clumsy's possibly alien eyes. I hope to be partaking of coffee again with Calum in June, and will look out for evidence of Clumsy within him.

  8. Oh wow. I do love these. Until Calum's comment I was thinking that there was some hope for the me who was all too often called 'Clumsy Klutz'. Whith his denial of a close relationship with Clumsy I will go back to dreaming.
    Thank you to both (or all three if clumsy is indeed lurking).

  9. Elephant's Child (Is it Soozie? Am confused from Don's other posts)

    Thank you for your kind words. I'll pass them on.

    Who is Clumsy? I'm not sure but I think we inhabit the same body but then .....

    He's been having a go at me ever since Don put up this post, "See, nobody has ever put up a post showcasing your work! Loser !!!!

    I put up with him. No more.

    I hope this helps you understand my relationship with Clumsy. :)

    The Don knows the truth but will he share it with you?

  10. Claude and Craig

    Many thanks. I'm not generally thought of as being creative but then these are Clumsy's?

  11. Calum says "Am confused from Don's other posts"... ha ha, he usually is, but Elephant's Child uses Soozie on the Vision & Verb blog, but perhaps only because others had already bagged Susan and Sue, so I presume the Mother Elephant actually named her Susan but I am not sure what version of Susan she prefers. Perhaps she can enlighten us? There are a lot of them about, such as Susan of "Crow" fame, who also comments here. Following their links on comments can clarify some things, but not everything.

    Re Calum's other remark, The Don (aka Andrew) rarely "knows the truth" about anything, but I think I know that Clumsy is just the name that shy Calum uses to hide his talents from the world.

  12. I don't answer to Susan. Soo, Sue, Sooosie, EC and any number of other things. And yes, Sue had already been claimed at Vision and Verb, so Soosie it is.

  13. I particularly like the first photo.