Saturday, 25 May 2013

Bright for a bit

Yesterday's sunset through my study window

And sitting in the garden looking up today

Heavy rain is forecast for Monday though.

We are off to see 'Star Trek - into darkness' now. Aileen can't wait. Heavy disguise required, and I hope her excited chirping does not attract too much attention. I have tried to persuade her it is not meant to be taken too seriously but I'm not sure she quite "gets it" actually. Not many people, of whatever species I interact with, do "get it" when I speak. It couldn't be my fault could it?


  1. I can't talk for others but I have never got it when you speak and I've always seen this as your fault rather than mine. Can Aileen not help you?

  2. I suspect I may be past help Calum (and of course I know that you are); but blissful sillyness has its advantages.

    The Star Trek film was hilarious, very enjoyable, and my first film through 3D glasses was quite impressive. Aileen says 5D is better though. (Yes I know all glasses are 3D and so am I but you may know what I mean)

  3. Oooh rain. Send some this way. I am glad that Star Trek was fun and blissful sillyness is, well bliss.

  4. We too had warmth and light today. But tomorrow who knows, I think we are reverting to the dark and wet again...

  5. A bit of rain, a bit of sun..c'est la vie oui :) It's the same here also, was a perfect weekend, rain tomorrow and Tuesday, the difference being I suppose that even with the rain it's still 20C! My daughter went to see the Star Trek movie today, she totally 'gets it', me not so much :)