Sunday, 26 May 2013

Brief encounter

It is not going to last...

Neither that ice cream nor the sunshine, but dear daughter sends this sun-bleached heat hazy image to allow me to record that Edinburgh did get one warm sunny spell during this cold year.

She always did like her ice cream, but I think this is her first one in 2013. Not until May 25th? Amazing.

There are, however, forecasts that June is going to be "a scorcher". Hmm. I doubt it, but if it is you can be sure that I'll be moaning about the heat before too long.


  1. It does actually look hot in the photo! I think we'll just need to take the odd day when we get them. That would mean a normal summer then eh?

  2. Gosh first ice cream for the year, PLEASE could you ask your daughter to send me some of her will power haha! Or is it just too cold to eat ice cream??

  3. Ah... I meant first ice cream sitting outside Gracie. I do believe she may have indulged indoors on occasion. And I'm sure she only gives her Dad selected information about her activities anyway (thank goodness).

    Craig - I actually do like the rain. Sunshine and showers is ideal for me, but I could do without the cold biting wind that we have had too much of recently. The endless sunshine of Southern California (where it never rains according to the song) would drive me to despair, I'm sure.

  4. I rather enjoyed the brief sunshine encounter :-)

    I didn't sucumb to an icecream though ;-)

  5. That is the sort of sunshine I like - I can see it, and don't have to feel it melting my bones.
    Gorgeous scenery there. Thank you both.