Thursday, 30 May 2013

Above and by the Forth

No dream scene today, although the first one looks like it. An early evening assignment in Edinburgh gave me the opportunity to take a wander across the walkway at the side of the Forth Road Bridge, and get this nice effect by pointing the camera at the sun shining through clouds. No image manipulation, just what the digital camera does when its sensors are overloaded


Then turning away from the sun to look out from the highest middle point, where a touch of vertigo kicked in, and I would have been more relaxed had my mind not been disturbed by the notices with helpline numbers trying to discourage people from jumping. I never used to get vertigo when I was young carefree and immortal.

The towers are impressive testimony to the power of metallic engineering

Then safely back at South Queensferry for some food and liquid refreshment in the sunshine

It turned out to be a marvelous day actually, when all I was expecting in the morning was a rather tedious trip. There's got to be a lesson in there. Oh yeah... seize the day and make of it what you can.


  1. The pictures of the rail bridge are wonderful! I'm still not sure I understand why a third bridge is required?
    Glad to hear that your day was fun.

  2. Well they have started building the new road bridge because the cables on the current one are corroding, however... with the foundation posts of the new bridge now looming above the waterline it turns out that a simple system of blowing dry warm air through the huge main cables of the existing bridge has slowed the rate of corrosion such that the new bridge may not be needed after all, but having started building it they will continue, as debate continues about whether to keep both in operation once the new one has been built or demolish the current one, that was built in the 1960s. Clear? No problems with the old rail bridge though, because it was built by the Victorians in 1890 so it is still rather young for a structure built to last :)

  3. May the Forth be with you - and thank you for bringing it to us.

  4. Lovely angles of the bridge.

  5. The pictures of the Forth Bridge are an extra delight for me who has only read about it.