Monday, 29 April 2013

Trees in front of the sun

Now I am hiding from the sun's rays because they are just too strong, even though the north-west wind remains bitingly cold and there was fresh snow on the hilltops last night. This planet truly is a wonderful place to behold, provided one does not look too closely at what its animals, including the humans, do to each other in their struggle to survive and thrive. I think I prefer the plants, although the conversation is rather one way.


  1. You need to keep a low profile because I think you are being watched...

    By whom, I fear to say!

  2. Keeping a low profile is a thing I am not good at. I could call on Aileen for some assistance (unless she is the one stalking me). Her sequel is at printed proof stage now so she may be wanting to check that I have presented her in a good light.

    But Report on Sample 717 is reaching that stage to, so I hope you don't mean a Lady Lord. That would require immediate evasive action.

    But Stalkers are just what comes as part and parcel of Intergalactic and interdimensional fame. Sigh

  3. What's that strange yellow ball in the sky? I'm afraid that I prefer animals and plants to most humans...

  4. I'm fascinated by bees and spiders. They're so industrious! And farm's animals (providing I'm not their keeper) are an endless source of amusement (via Natalee's world). And nature's views bring me peace and joy. But I prefer the aggravation of humans.

    Nice to meet the family again.
    Great trees. I envy your sun!

  5. I almost always prefer the plants and the other animals to humans. And while the conversation with plants may be a little one sided, they don't argue with me or try and make me feel bad.

  6. I think that trees converse very slowly, even more so than elephants and great whales. If only we could learn that lesson from them we might grow more wise.