Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Under attack

Big buildings built from heavy stones
raised high towards the sky
prove life as much as any bird
that flapping flutters by
Improbable constructions
doomed to crumble or to die

After an attempt to confront the morning I have now taken to my bed today as invading viruses assault my cells and my immune system arises in defence to rescue my own existence, for a little while longer, as it probably will. I am not at all depressed about this. I am strangely content, just letting the battle rage inside me, even as I can feel my pulse pounding at around 100 beats per minute through my fevered head. All this insistent effort, just to rescue my meandering mind. A battle of pointlessness against pointlessness... virus against me. Will I be better tomorrow? We shall see. And in that photograph, a little glimpse of almost blue from yesterday in grey Dundee. And should I tell biology that I have had my children? My work for it is done? It won't listen, I expect, for a few more spins around the sun.


  1. some days it's best to let the corpuscles do the heavy lifting... hope you're well again soon!

  2. Hi Daisyfae. My pulse was rattling along at 140 beats per minute an hour or so ago but has settled down to a more sensible 90-ish now, and I have no significant fever. I'll be fine soon, and I am indeed glad that I just have to lie and let the fight proceed inside me, rather than having to run and thrash about with sword and flail myself :)

  3. ...though my normal resting heart rate is in the low 50s, so it soon tells me when things are not quite right. My Lady says I'm just making a fuss, as usual, but I'm not making a fuss, I am just having a quiet afternoon and evening in bed (quiet if she shuts the two doors between bedroom and lounge to cut off the coughing, and sneezing, that is). If she really wants to see me making a fuss it could be arranged... As medical science knows, no women seem to get ill like this, hence the lack of sympathy from them. We just have to take that like the tough guy men we are. :) Goodnight.

  4. Hope you're feeling better this morning. Take care.

    BTW, in case you read Bukowski on writing I don't agree at all with what he says. (You can also hear him on YouTube.)

  5. Man-flu rivals the bubonic plague does it not?
    And sometimes lying down and letting the body fight your battles for you is MUCH the best option. Healthy wishes sent your way from here.

  6. Well I woke up this mornin
    as all good Blues songs begin
    to cough and sneeze and splutter
    and lie back for a long lie in
    Come on bloomin immune cells
    it's time for you to move
    I nourish you and breathe for you
    and all you've got to do
    is kick the asses of these viruses
    and get rid of this man flu.

  7. Feel better! I love your poem.

  8. Thanks ladies. Victory is in sight and my life is nearly saved. I managed to drive into town this afternoon and sit down for a big large latte. I do like my lattes.

  9. Hopefully you are feeling much better now.