Saturday, 13 April 2013

Strange but true

Very strange this. You see that shiny patch at the top of the image? That is sunshine. So goodness knows where I am today. Surely not in the bleak nation of DonQuiScottieland on Planet Earth? I took a look at my prescription sunglasses a few minutes after this bizarre occurrence, and considered if I might need to put them on. I didn't put them on, but I considered it. How to make sense of it all? How to make sense of anything? It all beats me.

Then I walked away from the place where I was, wherever that was, and I found blue sky and shadows cast on the ground.

And it was good.

I expect I'll be taken back home again soon.


  1. Both photo are fantastic. All I see here is steady gray, cold rain...

  2. So the late Spring is finally deigning to put in an appearance. Good. About time.

  3. SUN...SUN...SUN....this morning. I might go out and try a few more sky photos later on. Cheers!

  4. Good news all round then... Enjoy your moment in the sun Claude. Meanwhile I was out in bright sunshine today and for the first time in many months I thought that perhaps a hat may be needed to prevent sunburn on the head. I had forgotten that feeling.

  5. That first one is so intriguing, Andrew. Very nice. As you would say. :)