Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Not Cherubs

Cherubs are supposed to have wings, aren't they? Everyone around here calls these the cherubs, but I think they are just naked children freezing their asses off on top of Perth City Hall. I really have no idea what they are meant to be or why they are there, but it's about the most significant thought that I managed today while looking out from the coffee shop as my body fought with infecting microbes. I'm back in bed now, having had a significant relapse. Poor me. My lungs are sore. That's unusual. Must be my age. I am reminded about the category the little girl next door (and certainly no cherub) put me in when she heard my age, saying, "That's nearly dead isn't it?" She's such a sweetie.

 Goodnight Cherubs.


  1. You went out much too soon. Stay home, in bed, until all those germs are gone and your chest is clear. Apart from the fact that you might infect the whole town of Perth and those poor little cherubs who have done nothing to you. BTW, they have wings, and they can fly, but they will not do it in front of you.

    Drink lots of citrus fluids, and take some Tylenol. And rest! It's an order.

  2. We have no Tylenol here Nursey, but I think that's just a trade name for paracetamol, which I do have, but paracetamol makes me queasy so I have had some Ibuprofen, and orange juice and sparkling mineral water. I think I still have enough lung tissue to breathe with while lying down, having coughed much of it out this evening (I may be exaggerating there), but I have had a most spectacular nose-bleed (lovely cherry red), although my blood pressure is perfect. I'm looking at my phone book as I have a friend who is a vet and another who is a doctor, oh and another who is a psychiatric nurse, which may be what is needed most. My lady thinks the vet may be the best idea at my age. "He'll put me out of my misery," she said, which puzzled me. Since she was speaking shouldn't that have been "you out of your..." instead of "me out of my"? Puzzling... I felt OK in the afternoon, and then the 2nd wave hit me. Goodnight.

  3. Glad you paid attention before morning...

    You take your own blood pressure? Just wondering. It's good if you have a monitor.

    Your lady meant her "worrying about you" misery. I understand her...I'm worrying too because you're too fast on your feet. You need a vet who'll tell you: SIT!

  4. I thought she might mean the "living with you" misery.

    My own bp monitor dates from days when I had high bp. I was able to get off the drugs after exercise weight loss and changing diet. Salads, oats, skimmed milk, proteins, fruit and veg, all work wonders. Have just had some middle of the night chocolate though - but my body insisted it needed it.

  5. Middle of the night chocolate is often a medical necessity. Now - please get better soon. And perhaps stay home for another day or two.

  6. Treat your body as though it were a temple. ...............

    I'm sure you'll have something to say so I'll just let you finish my comment for me.

  7. Turn it into a pub Calum? Has happened to many temples or churches around here. Thanks for the advice. I'll get some booze in.

    Then, adding EC's advice, some chocolate too. OK. Booze and chocolate. Thanks.

  8. No!!!!!

    Not quite what I had in mind but then ..... it is your body.

    Take care and hope you are better soon.

    I'd understand if you didn't want to meet for coffee but, if you're up for it, I could make a big effort to be civil. :)

  9. Hi Calum. Will organise that coffee sometime before summer is out (when I can admire that "temple" that is your body and consider what I am doing wrong with mine) :)

  10. How could I ever forget to mention chocolate!

    Chocolate (in all its forms) is the solution to all problems, and the answer to all questions.

  11. I stayed in bed all day Claude, apart from having to drive my Lady to an appointment, but I stayed in the warm car, honest I did... oh except for getting out to buy a newspaper and quickly take the photograph of the "Light Slice" just posted, and I'm still in bed now, but I am wondering how long your "Stay Put" command must be obeyed. I don't feel any better, but I do feel very bored. I am tempted to disobey you tomorrow because resting in bed is doing no good. I think I'll drive up to the hills and try the Scandanavian cure of rolling naked in the snow. Will that be OK Nursey? Do they have wifi in prison, I wonder? Or in the hospital pneumonia ward? At least it may be a more interesting day than today.

  12. We did use jacket to restrain difficult patients....

    But rolling in the snow might be a better option. Then you'll be sick enough not to want to get up for a long time....

    It is really boring to be unwell. I hope you feel a bit better today...