Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ian's seat

A seat in memory of a man called Ian, who I never knowingly knew but probably said hello to in passing.


  1. Undoubtably a keen golfer. ! What a nice way to be remembered by someone who clearly loved Ian dearly.

  2. It's very moving.

    If someone would care enough, my seat would have to be in a Pastry/Coffee Shop.

  3. Indeed it is Craig.

    Ah... The Claude Prévost-Gamble Memorial Seat at La Boheme... (aka The Toronto Trap, remember?). A few more coffees and pastries before then though, I hope.

  4. I agree with Mark Twain about gold ('a good walk ruined') but would happily sit on that seat and admire the view.
    I think I would like a memorial seat in a library. Or a bookshop. Or a garden. I would obviously like several seats. I may have to start putting my requests in.

  5. Damn sneaky wee typos eh?

    "gold"? I think you would be interested if there were gold balls to be found rather than golf balls :)

  6. A round of gold would considerably brighten my walk!