Saturday, 27 April 2013

Don QuiScottie to the rescue?

Breakfast from British Airways

The Houses of Parliament before lunchtime

"Well what Don QuiScottie suggests is..."

"Thanks Don. Phew. We called you just in time."

That's it then...

But if it's not don't blame me. My experience with a creature not called Rocinante suggests that you can talk in a horse's ear but you can't make it listen. Maybe a chat from Aileen would help. I forgot to mention her. Probably just as well. Alien chemistry? Nobody believes me, yet... And thus, after a long day, goodnight.


  1. Did you punch any politicians on the nose? Now that would have set the day up nicely! I always quite like the BA brekkie and appreciate them serving it on such a short flight.

  2. Kicked in the (metaphorical) balls more like, but grabbing them by their majorities is more effective. They don't like their majorities being squeezed, I can assure you.

  3. I did sleep well, but unfortunately only from about 4.20, until 8.20. It's a bright sunny morning though. What a wonder.