Monday, 8 April 2013

Doing nothing much at all

With the weather really too cold to justify a few days away or woodland walks, the pattern for us in these wintry but so-called Spring holidays (excepting the days when I was busy coughing my lungs out) has been sleeping until we awaken with no need for an alarm clock, lazy morning, shortish drives of no more than an hour to Perth, Central Edinburgh, Dundee, Leith waterfront, Stirling... long coffees and wandering around, usually breaking the drive home for more coffee. I generally linger longer with my coffee, newspaper and laptop while Lady QuiScottie wanders longer in the warm malls. Very little has been bought, however, with us just wandering and looking and listening, and often laughing at what humans manage to call "living" (ourselves included). Sounds boring? It has actually been quite pleasant. And today's destination was Livingston, which is a dreadfully dull and now not very new "New Town" sprawling on a rather bleak landscape, but it has a pleasant and very large enclosed shopping centre that we like. Tomorrow may be time for heading north to Pitlochry and Blair Atholl, with maybe even a walk round a loch or by the sides of a waterfall if the Arctic blasts have receded a bit; or perhaps it will just Perth again. Maybe even a swim and a sauna/spa session. Then what for Wednesday and Thursday? That is undecided. Perhaps a walk round the woods and beautiful golf courses of Blairgowrie, or perhaps nothing so strenuous. Then after all that rather local excitement, it will back to normality on Friday. I suppose we could have done Paris, Amsterdam or Rome... But we didn't. We've been there and done that before. We are becoming stay-at-homers these days, although a venture as far as York for a few days is being suggested from the summer, if we get one. A pointless and meandering little blog post... much like life.

Oh... but here is something though. I half-awakened this morning with a bizarre and very strong impression that the Queen had died, and with the dozy sleepy thought that the television would be full of obituary presentations. Then about mid-day my daughter texted to inform me that Margaret Thatcher had died, and of course the television is now full of obituary presentations. Was my mind almost tuned in to the correct psychic frequency?


  1. Being attached to long walks closer to home has become a habit of ours as well. Nova Scotia has still quite unspoiled and beautiful landscapes and shores. If it's any comfort to you ours has also been an especially chilly spring.

    Do you have hosts of golden daffodils there or hosts of heather instead?

  2. We have plenty daffodils around Susan, but they are very late this year - just started opening this week. Plenty of heather too, and gorse (aka whin). Lots and lots of lovely yellow gorse bushes lining many roads, but it too is waiting on the warmth to arrive this year.

  3. doing nothing much at all sounds quite lovely at the moment... when i have a brief break? i tend to fall asleep.

  4. Are we always supposed to have a very meaningful life with a very definite high purpose?

    Or should it be just okay to do the little daily task, as best we can... be it work or leisure time? While not hurting anyone else, of course...

  5. I think that local outings are brilliant. Perhaps a once a year "distance" trip but for the most part, like you, I prefer things close to home. Perhaps it's an age thing?!
    That's a bit spooky about your dream. Do you do lottery numbers too?

  6. Ah, the difficulties of old age, Don. You are younger than I and many might say that you are a mere youngster but you and I both know that you are OLD!! That brings us to a key question.

    What does one do with one's life when one is old? [Note: how I've neatly linked to your 'Queen' reference]

    By the way I think I've lost my focus this morning. No breakfast, no coffee, no pills and here I am leaving a comment for the world, or that part of the world which comes a-visiting you but even that part is much bigger than the part which a-visits me. "No wonder", I can hear you say if you write such rubbish as this. I fear, sir, that you are right.

    Back to your being old now, as I regain my focus. Och, I've forgotten what I was going to say.

    Unfortunately, I think I'm much like you. I have left here "A pointless and meandering little blog" comment "... much like life" .... until I remember the Lord except you don't have the Lord bit .... yet.

    Do you think it's time for me to make a wee visit to the GP .... or should it be the vet? It's OK. You can be honest!

  7. Calum - I am a mere sapling in Spring just ready to burst into leaf. I could not presume to recommend what you need, if anything.

    Craig - I do the lottery on the usually misnamed "lucky dip". Perhaps I should try dreaming up the numbers in the morning :)

    Claude - I agree

    DaisyFae - Sleep is a fine state to be (or not to be) in. I have just now awakened from it again, and it is rather disturbing to realise, yet again, where I am, and to wonder, yet again, what I am

  8. ???????????

    The one time we met you were no sapling but a mature tree with trunk of significant girth.

    Clearly during your other-worldly travels you have been refashioned .... but forget not the past.

  9. Home and its surrounds is always nice. Which possibly makes me a boring old fossil - but tough.

  10. Calumsaid: "with trunk of significant girth"?

    Such things are relative Calum. I thought I was looking quite slim that day.

  11. Andrew, my goodness! Do you really think that wimpy Elizabeth is like the iron lady who no doubt is now rusting in hell?

  12. I have no control over my subconscious mind (or even my conscious one all too often, unfortunately). But my mind probably just sensed that a "Big Cheese" old woman had died and made a mistake in identifying the specific variety of cheese. Or maybe it was just a coincidence.

  13. Big Cheese old woman! haha!
    Not sure about the queen but I'm sure that Thatcher is one of those really stinky ones.

  14. There is a cheese marketing opening there Ashley: Would you like the Stinking Thatcher Blue or the Mild Elizabeth Windsor?

  15. Either of those would probably be enough to put me off cheese for life.
    However, if forced to choose, I'd definitely go for the Mild Windsor.