Saturday, 13 April 2013

Denizens of the Darkness

I have to face a fundamental question, prompted by many encounters and reports.

Why are so many of the people who go off to church for an hour every Sunday the most difficult, miserable, intolerant, uncharitable, greedy, grasping, unfriendly moaning mumpers for the rest of the week?

Seriously though... singing about joy and goodwill for an hour and then back to moaning and grumping about everyone and everything around them. Does the hour in church absolve them of any need to be pleasant for the rest of the time?

Jings. It's a very dark place that a lot of them seem to inhabit. Or do I just meet the wrong ones? Or maybe they are nice to each other... although not if the stories of feuding that come to my ears and eyes are accurate.

That church with a tower more than 800 years old isn't even used as a church any more, by the way, but its image on a grey day seems to fit here.


  1. Don, you ask,

    "Why are so many of the people who go off to church for an hour every Sunday the most difficult, miserable, intolerant, uncharitable, greedy, grasping, unfriendly moaning mumpers for the rest of the week?

    The answer is straightforward.

    "They are 'the most difficult, miserable, intolerant, uncharitable, greedy, grasping, unfriendly moaning mumpers' all the time."

    Unfortunately going to church does not equate with having real faith in the risen Lord. That is why many of us who say we are Christian are not saved.

    I pray I am not like those you describe.

  2. It's an interesting and accurate observation. I'm not a church goer but my Mother is and I'm horrified to hear of the politics involved sometimes in the running of a rural parish church. It would appear that many people forget, or perhaps never understood, the true meaning of attending church.

  3. Ah yes Craig, the Church Committee Meeting, aka The First Circle of Hell (or so I've heard).

  4. At least (one hopes) they have an hour or so in resite from the hateful whinging selves. And I am not certain what the solution is for the non-church goers. Go to the library (or the pub)?

  5. The pub? I second that motion! Any against? No? Carried. End of meeting.

  6. "That is why many of us who say we are Christian are not saved"

    You know who is and who is not saved Calum?

    You've come a long way in a short time!

    I expect and hope we'll see you down in the pub as well though.

  7. Of course, I don't know who is saved.

    Pub? Not my scene. Gave that up many, many moons before I went to church.

    Best not to expect or hope re me and pub.

    Shall I pray for you?

  8. Ah Calum. You confuse me. You said: "That is why many of us who say we are Christian are not saved.", so I was wondering how you know that. How do you know that many are not "saved", or that any are "saved"? I was wondering where this knowledge has come from.

    However... Probably best not to pursue such exchanges, for I have been round and around them all before.

    You may, of course, pray for whoever you want, but the starving millions and the children about to be crushed by the next earthquake, and those with leukemia, and those born horrendously disabled and disfigured and unable to see, and etcetera and etcetera and etcetera... might be more deserving cases for your attention.

    I am not much of a pub man myself either. The occasional pint in convivial company is OK though.

  9. I can pray for those around the world and do but one can also pray for individuals ..... and you are .... very .... individual.

    The gate is narrow. That will keep a fair number of 'Christians' out, I assume, but as to who goes in I do not know.

    "convivial company?" Rather counts me out then.

  10. Ach good wishes to you then. You are not a secret Hibee are you, sending up your prayers for them? I ask because my daughter has been sending me texts today from the cup semi-final at Hampden, where her man's beloved Hibs were fighting the Division 1 minnows of Falkirk. Hibs go 3-nil down to Falkirk at half-time. What?!?! Streams of faithless Hibees leave the ground. My daughter says to her man, "These are the sorts of things that have to happen to set things up for amazing games," and they stay. Then Hibs score, then Hibs score again, then Hibs score yet again. Into extra time. Five minutes to go, then Hibs score. A Hibs win. It was inevitable really, wasn't it? "Best game I've ever been too," says Princess QuiScottie. And all those numpties who left at half time wasted the opprtunity for one of the most memorable moments in their little lives. Such a shame it will all end in tears again at the second final in succession though.

  11. Church, pub, library, coffee house...As E.C. says one decent hour a day, anywhere, is a good deal for anyone.

    Go, Hibs, go...whatever, whoever you are!

  12. Hibs football (soccer) team Claude. Remember this from last year? (plus the video link within it?)

    Same again this year I expect, as they will probably lose in the final again.

  13. Oh my! What century are we living in?

  14. Ach about the one thousandth to two thousandth century of what we might recognise as humanity Sean, but progress has been slow, and may be heading in reverse. Idiocy abounds, but then our brains developed just for eating and breeding, so what can we expect really? Eating, breeding idiocy, mostly.

  15. Ah, my dear Don QuiScottie, though different your words are as nicely a read as were those you wrote on the 15th. :)

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Strange... Claude. Humanity, Idiocy, I am human idiot myself.

    I wish you nothing but good but I will say as I wish on my own blog, for I only have a few years at best (worst?), let's just say at most, to live, not forever and ever and ever... and ever and ever and (really?) ever and ever... and ever and ever... (with no Amen)... then the same again, forever.... I hope you don't get bored, and that in fifty seven million, billion, million, billion, billion years from now (when you will still be very young, apparently) you may still be able to enjoy the photos on my blog. Oh... unless you are sitting beside me saying, "I told you so" for the 176 millionth time, as I am saying, "So what next?" and you are saying, "That's the thing about immortality Andrew, it never stops...", and I am saying... "Really?"

  18. And now my feelings are actually turning to anger, that once again, just as when I was a child, I am being scolded and made to feel bad because of what I dare to think and say. I remember it so well, the elders spouting what they cannot possibly know and trying to bully me into not uttering what I myself might think. The irony of it all, being forced to listen to rambling nonsense yet being not allowed a little ramble of my own.

    Yes... Anger.

    I was talking of humanity Claude. Do not dare to try to make me feel bad if you feel as if I was somehow talking of you. You almost succeeded there, but then I remembered that you believe that you are so........ much younger than I will ever be, so I need not be concerned about your apparent age. You have only just started to travel your immortal road? Good luck on it.

    And I will, continue, to say what I think. Reading is voluntary.

  19. Truly sorry for having provoked your anger.

    Keep well and writing.

  20. I am now extremely sad and fed up.

    Sad on a personal basis, but also sad at the dreadful (in my idiotic opinion) grip that belief in things that cannot be known can get on people, to such an extent that the rest of us who have some sensitivity feel we have to walk on eggshells lest we might offend them. Yet we have to listen to declarations of what we regard as utter incredible wishful placebo-of-the mind nonsense (not usually from you Claude - you generally don't declare) and supposedly try to treat what we regard as utterly ridiculous beliefs with some sort of "respect". Possibilities are boundless, but the belief that sustains religion (with all the dreadful, dreadful, dreadful, and once again dreadful... harm it has caused) is... eh... unbelievable,(do I have to keep saying in my opinion?). Nothing, absolutely nothing (in my humble opinion) has caused more harm to more people than idiotic, yes idiotic belief systems (religious and irreligious - I see them as the same) that can be used to justify such horrors as humanity inflicts endlessly upon humanity. I am fed up treating what I regard as dangerous and damaging nonsense with respect. Mortality draws closer to me every day, to me and even closer, it seems, to dear ones close to me. I am perhaps in an over-sensitive state because of that. But you self-proclaimed "Immortals"... why should I be sensitive to your feelings when you believe that my feelings are just the merest of insignificant barely noticeable blips within your wondrous eternities? Really? You have forever, I have just so little time. I should therefore attend to only my own feelings and those of my fellow mortals, because we will soon be gone and can leave you all to your immortality in peace. The people who are dying all around me, and who know and have the courage to face the fact that dying most likely means truly dying, are the ones I should worry about. I have been pondering letting this blog slip off its mortal coil as well, but I suppose will probably let it survive, perhaps stutteringly, until my own irritating idiotic blip of consciousness dies, I suppose. Be assured, dear Immortal ones, I will not be around to trouble you for long, and then the Immortals can enjoy their endless eternity without me. Really?

    I am so, so sad.

    I may post another picture next weekend, if I survive.

  21. I am finding this worrying. Is there anything that we/I can do to lift your dark and sad mood?
    And please do both survive and post again.

  22. Thanks Soosie. Dammit. For extraneous reasons, something touched a raw exposed nerve, which is a shame. I am hoping dear friends can remain dear friends after a little bust up, and can have virtual hugs and move on. A friendship needs to be forged in a fire every now and then, to make it stronger. My friend Claude is a very fine friend, and I am a very flawed and fallible mortal. I am not an easy fellow for me to live with, never mind anyone else. I will be much less sad if my friend Claude can manage to smile in the sunshine again. She deserves many more smiles in the sunshine.

  23. Claude would certainly manage to smile into the sunshine if only the sunshine would manage to show itself to us. It's so cold here, today.

    Actually, Andrew, I didn't take your comments personally. You said a lot of things about religions that I would agree with.

    But I have no intention of ever discussing again, on anyone's blog, what I believe and don't believe. My spiritual life is very precious to me but I never had any need to share it. Or to convince anyone that it was real, and the only Truth worth having.

    My answer to any question would always be (as I often said in the past):I know what I know what I know.

    Wishing you the best of everything, and, as Sean would add, the peace of the night.

  24. We are ALL flawed and fallible. And yes, friendships forged in the flames (including the one with ourselves) are the most enduring.

  25. Thanks... But let's not go over the top here. Me and Claude are only the tiniest tiniest wee bit flawed (me just a tiny bit more than her). Otherwise we are perfect :)

    And we are friends.