Monday, 15 April 2013

Casting a shadow over opinion

"The unions did need a good kicking though, they were so undemocratic."

"She gave power to the greedy."

"She destroyed our country."

"She saved our country."

"She ushered in the era of the spiv."

"She was a saviour."

"She was a wrecker."

"She fixed up the mess."

"She created a mess."

"She... (and on, and on and on...)


  1. It all depends on what people wanted. If they wanted what was delivered she was good and if they didn't she was bad.

    It all depends on point of view.

  2. So she was all things to all men? Let her be, for goodness sake. She cannot answer you anymore and won't be doing any of those things (for good or for ill) again.

  3. I dislike all the sweeping generalisations from both sides. Life is complicated. Death, however, is not. She has gone.

  4. RIP? If by any strange circumstance she has not simply Ceased To Be, then I am sure that rather than resting she will be giving someone a difficult time already, and I would damn well hope so too.

  5. Margaret Thatcher has been gone for a long time. Wounds have healed but there are scars. It is difficult for people to maintain intense hatred for someone who has been out of the limelight for such a long time. She was an old, harmless lady when she died. The damage was done when she was an unbending, ruthless politician.

    I truly believe that she believed in what she was doing, that she never had a sleepless night worrying over the communities that she destroyed.

    That is why she is forgiven by most, who were never really affected. It wasn't real. To the mining families who endured unimaginable hardship. It was real and will not be forgotten.

    Neither will Arthur Scargill who presided over the most ill-conceived campaign. A silly little man who did not have to endure what he demanded of the mining community.

  6. Had I been the writer of above lines I'd also agree.

  7. Syncopated Eyeball20 April 2013 at 08:05

    But why spend so much money on her funeral? Ten million pounds, I heard. Is that right? Ambiguity intended.

  8. And my bloody money too! (ie taxpayer's money). The government does not seem to realise that IT does not actually have any money of its own, it is all taken from us, and while weak and vulnerable people are seeing cuts everywhere (whether necessary or not, which is a different issue), the bloomin' government reckons it can blow 10 million or so on a swanky party for a dead Tory. That truly is astonishing. I did like the black horses that pulled the gun carriage though, in fact I loved them, especially the one at the back that looked right round as the coffin was loaded and was clearly thinking (for I can detect such things), "Why all this fuss for some dead old bint?" The horses got a big feast of carrots and apples as a reward, I heard. I don't mind paying for those.

  9. great photo/concept...

    to quote Joni Mitchell - "the perils of benefactors, the blessings of parasites." from Shadows and Light