Thursday, 11 April 2013

A moment of hope

Much as I enjoy the wintry tree-time views offered by bare branches, I was looking at all the trees on the journey into town today (for courgette and basil soup, fruity coronation chicken sandwiches and a very large latte and newspaper, since you were wondering) and I asked my lady if she thought the trees might just decide not to sprout leaves at all this year.

The season is running very late, but up close I can see the buds are there just waiting for some encouragement. Then later in the afternoon, something amazing happened. I was crossing the street and I suddenly felt a blast of wonderful warmth on my face. What was that? Oh... sunshine. Ah yes, I remember sunshine. So the sun is still up there then, above all those billions of water droplets that it has raised from the north Atlantic to cover us in cloud. Even when we have had some significant sectors of blue skies recently we haven't had much sunshine, with the clouds always conspiring to keep the glorious golden ball hidden from view. But then today, for just a few seconds, there was sunshine on my pale face. And it was good... And then the clouds rolled back and the bitter wind hit my delicate flesh again.

My lady was contemplating buying a winter coat she had found, as it was very cheap in the end of season sell off, but then she wondered if it was worth keeping it all the time until winter returned. "Do be aware," I advised her, "that the way things are going winter may begin again in mid July." But, as often happens, my advice was sufficient to persuade her to do the opposite and she decided to look for t-shirts instead. We recently had a discussion about my impression that she never listens to my advice. We were at the supermarket checkout while this debate ensued. "I do listen to your advice," my lady declared very firmly, "and then I disregard it." The girl at the checkout gave a big smile and said quietly, "Way to go, sister."

Anyway, that's our Spring vacation days over, with very little evidence of Spring.


  1. It seems you had our warmth today. It was freezing cold in Shropshire. Definitely winter coat weather!

  2. We had such a gray winter and spring (ice pellets today!)I totally forgot what the sun looks and feels like.

    You're very lucky for the few moments you got. And I'm sure your trees will sprout out now. Nature is very forgiving and doesn't take long to awake once it gets a bit of warmth. It will be nice to witness the growth through your photos.

  3. I recognise this: warm in sun, Baltic when hidden.

    Must say I was surprised at one of your phrases.

    "the bitter wind hit my delicate flesh again"

    but then you know your skin much much better than do I.

  4. I am a very delicate and fragile creature Calum, sensitive all over and all the way through.

    A waft of warm air is forecast for the weekend Claude.

  5. Oh, I like your Dulcinea!

    Recently I said to someone:

    "Oh no, please do give me advice... however, I will not necessarily accept it."

  6. And, as I say to my partner 'One word from me - and you do what you wan't.' It seems to be something which is not linked to gender.

    We are finally getting Autumn - so I hope Spring is on its way to you.