Monday, 29 April 2013

A father's worries

Has Princess QuiScottie gone a bit funny in the head?

She's 24 for goodness sake.

In a "Keep Calm and Skate On" T-shirt at a "Roller Disco" with her friends from the "Roller Derby" team she has recently joined. I understand nothing of what I have just written...

Then she sent me the photo below asking, "Do I look hard?", to which I responded, "You would have looked harder with the contact lenses in rather than the glasses on my dear, but... that wallpaper!? No... In front of that wallpaper you do not look hard. Nobody could."

Apparently you need to be hard to be a good "Jammer", and apparently she has discovered a talent as a good "Jammer"...

Never have I written so many words but understood so few, and I may have misunderstood everything. What is going on? I think I blame America.

However... if a talent as a "Hard Jammer" might help in the battles of my QuiScottic quests... Hmm...

Late addition: Oh... Another photo has just pinged in... Not at all "hard", but further cause for concern

She offers some "reason" to do with a "hen night" at which self-created novelty hats are required.

I may blame the wallpaper. New flat needed or new wallpaper, surely? Medication might help.

Trees in front of the sun

Now I am hiding from the sun's rays because they are just too strong, even though the north-west wind remains bitingly cold and there was fresh snow on the hilltops last night. This planet truly is a wonderful place to behold, provided one does not look too closely at what its animals, including the humans, do to each other in their struggle to survive and thrive. I think I prefer the plants, although the conversation is rather one way.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

The dead and the living at tree time

Dark and light

A hole in the sky

Don QuiScottie to the rescue?

Breakfast from British Airways

The Houses of Parliament before lunchtime

"Well what Don QuiScottie suggests is..."

"Thanks Don. Phew. We called you just in time."

That's it then...

But if it's not don't blame me. My experience with a creature not called Rocinante suggests that you can talk in a horse's ear but you can't make it listen. Maybe a chat from Aileen would help. I forgot to mention her. Probably just as well. Alien chemistry? Nobody believes me, yet... And thus, after a long day, goodnight.

Ian's seat

A seat in memory of a man called Ian, who I never knowingly knew but probably said hello to in passing.

Friday, 26 April 2013

My balls now


They used to belong to others but they are mine now

A fine harvest from a walk in the woods

Just another evening

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Art of Ashley

Ashley Lily Scarlett, who blogs as Syncopated Eyeball, is in my opinion a most talented artist, using photography and the nuances of light and her vision and her talent with poster paints and make-up to create images that could grace the walls of any art gallery.

I have her permission to show a dozen images, choosing on this occasion to concentrate on her depictions of the face. I could easily have chosen a different dozen. It was tough making a choice. Maybe she will let me show examples from another theme another time.

All images taken by and copyright of Ashley Lily Scarlett. Please do not reproduce any without her permission.

Thanks Ashley

Missing dimension

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Things change

Things change faster than we expect, often, slower than we hope, sometimes, but they change. More time seems to be mine again, unexpectedly. That's good. Time for a walk past the daffodils to a little cluster of trees with a mind of memories and plans. Things rarely turn out quite as we expect, which is sometimes good, sometimes bad, usually mixed. Expecting is a waste of thought really.

Apparently I should stop worrying so much about others, I was told by someone who insisted they were perfectly capable of devoting sufficient worry to themselves without me helping out with the worrying, because by worrying so much I was making them more worried than they were in the first place. Oh... That is a worry... but things have improved, and surely things have only improved because I devoted so much worry to them? Without me worrying things would have just got worse and worse. That's how the universe works isn't it?

I hope tomorrow turns out to be more like today than last Thursday. I wonder if I have any control over that?

Yes, I think I do.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Take it Easy

I was sitting in a car park with a head full of far too many thoughts when I glanced sideways and noticed the first tree blossom I have seen this year

and then with good timing by serendipity, The Eagles on the radio began singing to me with...

Take it easy...

Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy...

It was a fine moment. 

Of course they also sang about having

seven women on my mind...

Which is not what was on my mind at all... but still, serendipity can only do so much.

Some nice sights on this evening's walk too:

 Back next weekend, I hope.