Friday, 29 March 2013

You want a smile?

You want a smile from your father, daughter dear?

I can smile... I'll give you a smile... Look...

Was that good enough for you?

Can I go back to being miserable now please?

Leave me alone and see if your mother can do any better...

Somewhat understated, I'd say. 

Can we eat now?


  1. I am sure that there is a back story here. Why did daughter dear want/need you to smile? And why were you so reluctant? Both of you? And what was for dinner.

  2. Must be difficult for Mrs Don. A 'lifetime' with you!!! :)

  3. The Good Lady Dulcinea QuiSCottie of Scottieland has had a lot to cope with, it's true, Calum, but the "back story" here was really just our attempts to produce "smiling photos" without them turning out "as if we should be in a home", as the Good Lady QuiScottie put it. Dear Daughter has a fine collection of photos of us looking like extras in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". As for whether or not we succeeded in feigning sanity... others can be the judge. And the restaurant, for son's birthday meal, was a bit of a nightmare - no record of booking of our table for six (there being partners to feed on The Don's tab these days, sigh...), wrong drinks brought, long long long.... waits for food that then betrayed signs of having stood under a lamp for ages, cheeky sarcastic waiter, wrong coffees brought, wrong bill brought (£100 too much!)... But we all smiled through it and had a nice time (since it was our last ever time in that particular and rather expensive place :) Happy Meals at McDonalds next time, perhaps.

  4. You can't beat McDonalds!

    Just had a similar bad experience at an expensive place. And son always feels he has to extravagantly tip.

    Wonderful smiles from both of you. I burst out laughing....

  5. I will quote your McDonalds recommendation to them at next birthday time. But of course they don't have to order off the Saver menu. "Any burger you want!" :)