Sunday, 10 March 2013


There... You can have him back. He has annoyed too many of us with his sarcasm, stupidity and general inability to pay attention and learn even the most basic of things. He says he may still not be speaking to you lot for a while though. He's either in the huff about something or in some sort of a silly mood, or is just a difficult grumpy git. I'll still visit him though, for the entertainment value, a bit like you lot get when you laugh at the cheeky chimps in the zoo. Now he's complaining about the four mile walk through the snow to get home. What does he expect? Door to door delivery? Good luck with him - Aileen xxx


  1. We love him the way he is, Aileen. You're not that smart if you haven't seen that he knows a lot more than he shows, and he is too polite to put you at your place. Buzz off where you come from.

  2. We do indeed love him - and I haven't notices his sarcasm or his stupidity. Or does that make me stupid too. (A rhetorical question which does NOT need an answer.)

  3. Yes we do love him as he is, you don't know what you are missing Aileen.

    Or perhaps you do and that is why you will still visit ;-)

  4. Thanks for your support ladies.

    She is a bit touchy - tends to stamp her little feet a bit and throw a hissy fit if you dare to disagree with her. But she'll be back, I'm sure.