Saturday, 2 March 2013

On Retreat

Andrew the DonScottie has entered a period of retreat, mental seclusion, rest and rehabilitation in another place that I have taken him to for his own good. If he can get a weak signal he may post some images again soon. He said I should tell you of his retreat, because his words here have dried up for now, although he also says that people will not believe me but will just think he is being silly as usual. Silly? Somewhat lacking in knowledge, perhaps, a little bit insane even, but I would not say silly. Anyway, I wonder if my own image will make it through the dimensions to you without too much distortion? Fear not, he is safe, his lady lord is fine, and he is going to keep quietly busy as his hopes for the retreat are pursued.

"Aileen" xxx


  1. Dear Aileen,

    I have to disagree with the thought that DQs words have dried up!!

    His words never dry up, they are always there and will appear at just the right moment.

    However periods of rest and mental seclusion are an important part of the words never drying up.

    Best wishes to you and your pupil (friend) until the next time.


  2. Ah, CherishedPie, I think he meant dried up here, on this place, for I can see him now, and he is busy typing. I asked him what and he said "more rubbish", then asked to be left alone.

  3. Ah Aileen...

    I think that means we should leave him in peace for now.

    I know we will enjoy the result of his busy typing in due course :-)

    I will now remain peacefully quiet until ;-)

  4. Take care of him for us, and assure him that we will welcome him back when he is ready.

  5. Aileen,

    Tell him not to be an old fool. :)

    No! He is an old fool.

    Tell him to take care and if he wants to meet another old fool for coffee I'd be delighted to share his company.

  6. Messages from The Child of an Elephant and CalumityCarr? Strange friends? I may need to ask him about you, but at present he is slumped face down on his writing desk because he made the mistake of asking if he could get "a proper drink around here...". He's a lightweight, it would seem, compared to what our biochemistry can handle. Poor thing.

  7. Just what are you up to with Aileen?

  8. Your comment seems directed at Andrew, Mr Higham. As explained, he is not communicating here for a while, but I will pass your interesting, if rather odd, query on to him. I say "odd" because what your kind and my kind get "up to", as you say, is up to us, it is not up to your kind. You people do amuse us with your lack of understanding.


  9. Please let him know I wish him well Aileen.