Thursday, 28 March 2013

Not Claude

So here I am in the library cafe and a delicate and strangely familiar looking elderly lady no more than five foot tall, or small, just walked by very slowly pushing her three-wheeled walker.

I looked a bit surprised, thinking for a moment, "Claude"? But of course it was not our Claude. How could it be? She's in Canada. But for just an instant the strange brain works faster than its powers of obvious logic sometimes, in such situations.

The little lady with the walker who was not Claude noticed me looking at her and, since she was just a foot or so away and her head while she was standing was about as high as my head while sitting, I said to her, "Oh, Sorry. I was looking at you because you reminded me of someone."

To this, she replied, "Well you don't remind me of anybody, but I wish you did."

Ah... A sense of humour. So I asked her, "Do you come here often?"

And she replied, "Well, it is many years since a young man has asked me that."

A young man? Me? At 57? You can thus gauge what vintage of lady we are talking about here.

So anyway, I smiled and said, "Oh dear, am I get myself into trouble now?"

She giggled a little at this, while pausing and leaning on the walker, and she told me, "Fear not young man, there is no risk of you getting into any trouble with me, unfortunately."

So I smiled and said, "Never mind. Hello anyway. Enjoy your coffee."

"My tea," she corrected me firmly. "My tea." And on she wandered to the counter, very slowly, gave her order and then proceeded to her seat.

And right now. You know... I think she is looking at me... She would maybe get a laugh if she knew what I was typing.

Perhaps I will tell her, and show her, next time.

If there is a next time.

Best not to push things too fast too soon.

Anyway, here are a few more pictures of my walk to and from the library, where I did slightly less work than I was planning to, having been distracted by a dear lady.


  1. It is always a bit disconcerting when the mind plays those trick.

    The lady you encountered sounds rather wonderful. Perhaps you could get her interested in blogging ;-)

  2. We shall see. I will look out for her.

  3. Those photos are so beautiful!

    Yes! The lady seems very nice. I'm sorry she is not a Claude. She might be an improvement on the real one! ;)

  4. It sounds as if you found an expert at the gentle art of flirting. And yes, please do try and introduce her to the gentle art of blogging.