Saturday, 9 March 2013

Lateral Light


  1. Level flight...

    The airfield is sharp right!

  2. I hope you'll be able to walk in an horizontal way when you return.

  3. Ooooh. Are you back? Visiting, or playing hooky?

  4. Ah... Now I am confused.

    I have no idea where I am, where you all are, who or what we really are or why we are here.

    Do any of you?

    I do seem to have an internet connection though.

  5. I have some ideas about your questions. Im not telling anyone though.

  6. That's a bit selfish of you Pete :)

    Mind you, many people have ideas about them, and some have much to offer, but I have never heard any convincing complete answers, nor do I expect to. Nothing that has ever come close to satisfying me, actually, but then I am very fussy and pedantic.

    I think I am closely associated with and dependent on fluctuating force fields and shifting particles inside a wet and oxygenated brain, but that's not much help really is it? As for the wheres and the whys... not got a clue, ultimately.

  7. Ok,Ill let you into a secret. If your brain is wet. Dont put your head into the bucket of water.
    As for oxygen, we need that. dont ya know? :-)
    Forcefields, Which ones?
    and are you stuck in the middle? Tricky!

  8. I can agree about the "Tricky" at least.

  9. I've no idea what all this commentary is about but I sure do like those pictures, especially the first one. Very very appealing to me. :)