Sunday, 3 February 2013


Having removed it a while ago in response to two requests, Word Verification for commenting is going back on because I am just getting too much spam nonsense flowing in without it, and being diverted to my email even if caught by spam filters. People are welcome to read my rubbish without commenting. It defies my powers of belief that the spam nonsense actually manages to sell fake designer trainers, perfumes, Viagra of suspect purity (not that I have tested it myself), Asian Wives and Russian girlfriends, etc... but I suppose it must do otherwise they wouldn't bother, would they? It's a strange old world this one. And if anyone wants to send me a £1000 "administration" deposit to help them gain 20% of a multimillion inheritance I have received from a relative I didn't know I had, in Nigeria, but which needs to go through someone else's bank account for some reason that escapes me, please send along your cash in used banknotes in a brown envelope, and don't expect a receipt.


  1. Like your recent post! Someone suggested I should remove the word verification and I would get more comments..Hah! That backfired..the spammers had a heyday!.
    So back to very few comments which is Ok..but no spam, thankfully

  2. It is a shame that blogger doesn't have the option of only allow comments from people who have had comments published before.

    That stops the spam getting published. It doesn't stop the emails though.

  3. It does have a "Registered User" only option but I have never bothered to explore what that means. I may take the Verification off again at some point but I was just getting an awful lot of spam recently. The word verification is a bit daft - when it has a number and a word I have noticed it doesn't actually matter what number you put in, or even if you miss out the number altogether (at least on the times I have tried that at various sites) and it is often impossible to figure out what the damn word is.

  4. 2000 pounds in a brown envelope are on their way from Canada to Scotland. Let me know when you buy a Castle with your inheritance.