Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Swan River at Tree Time

It was easier to see them today. They have chosen a nice place to live.

I wonder if they would like me to give them some bread, or should they just be left to live wild and undisturbed? They did notice me again, but seemed neither interested nor fearful. To interact or just observe? We should remember that we are a part of nature, so whatever we do is as natural as whatever anything else does. Which could be used to excuse anything we do as natural, unfortunately... But still, just to offer a bit of bread? I think I know which way they would choose. But... to think before acting, or just to act? To ponder or just to do? To do or just... oh, dooby dooby do... Why do I always try to think things through?


  1. We have swans that have lived on our pond for years. We feed them all the time, so much so, that they leave the pond and walk up to our house and wait for a hand-out. Their favorite food is Saltine crackers...maybe it's the salt..but go ahead and feed them, they'll appreciate it!!

  2. Nice to hear from you again Joyce. Your vote for feeding is recorded. My Lady votes for feeding too. My little friend Aileen wonders what swan tastes like though... Their fate hangs in the balance.

  3. I do wonder about the light beam in the third photo...

  4. Your spam guard did not work just now..

    I couldn't read it I pressed what I thought were the first three random characters and pressed enter so I could get a more readable option!

    It posted my comment without further question???

  5. Please feed them! I always worry about birds and wild animals in wintertime. Nature has so much less to offer to them. It's even worse in a city. I carry birds seeds, nuts, bread in my pockets, and I leave that wherever I walk in small parks and outdoor malls.

    Beautiful photos.

  6. Our black swans are very, very partial to bread. And not backward about snatching it with serrated beaks from fingers they deem too slow.

  7. Silly software Cherie. Waving a goodbye until next time wave at that "light beam" :)

    I will try to obey your command Claude.

    I don't think I've ever seen a black swan EC. Swans do have fearsome beaks though.