Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Report on Sample 717 Continued (Part 6)

Following on from here:

When they arrived at the dance studio Adrig pushed the door open and they climbed the steps, although there was no music this time, just the sound of female chatter. Edrig wondered if he would be recognised in his smart new suit, shirt and tie. He hoped not.

'Hello Madam,' Adrig declared confidently, in his newly practiced and lower voice, which Edrig thought was quite impressive. Rather convincing really.

'Yes? Can I help you?' the instructor asked, wearing just a bright red sports top that exposed her slim and smooth midriff, and a tight and skimpy pair of red shorts.

'I am a film-maker madam,' Adrig announced grandly, 'and I am considering making a film about pole dancing. I wonder if myself and my partner here might assess your class for suitability?'

The instructor looked puzzled, and suspicious, but before she could reply Adrig had pulled out a bundle of cash.

'We will of course pay you for the inconvenience. How about one thousand pounds? Is the class about to begin?' And his eyes eagerly scanned the gaggle of young woman who were in the process of undressing, throwing their outer clothes over chairs at the side of the room to reveal a variety of skimpy costumes. And they were all revealing smooth skin and long legs and arms, with gorgeous faces and some flicking long hair and flashing white teeth. Both Edrig and Adrig were entranced.

'You are offering me one thousand pounds to sit and watch my class? You and, oh... him again?'

'Eh, yes, said Adrig. Or, oh... if that is not enough, let's say two thousand, and another one hundred, no another two hundred for each of these lovely ladies.'

'Two thousand for me and two hundred for each of the girls?'

And so the instructor shouted out, 'Does two hundred each sound OK for these eh... film-makers to watch?'

And everyone agreed, amid some giggling.

The suspicious lady insisted on the cash being handed over in advance, which it was, and so Adrig and Edrig sat in the corner at the front of the room as the clients took their places beside the poles, then the instructor grasped her pole, the music was switched on and the class began.

'This... my dear boy... is heaven,' declared Adrig, as the wriggling and the writhing and the gyrating of so many lovely and not far from naked young ladies proceeded in front of the superior beings' eager eyes.

And they got more than their money's worth, it seemed to them, as the class continued for a full hour, with a warm up session of general gyrating, and then some instructions on specific moves in which ladies prostrated and spun themselves sideways and upside down and every possible way with legs sometimes doing splits and with every part of the wonderful young smooth flesh achieving what seemed to the watching beings to be an endless series of impossible manoeuvres.

'Why could we not have been born into a world with Lady Lords like this?' Edrig asked with a sigh.

'Life is just not fair,' pronounced Adrig. 'The men here - they are so lucky. Do you think they realise it?'

At the end of the class Adrig suggested to the instructor that they might return, with their cameras, and they were rather firmly told that filming with cameras would require a lot more money.

'That won't be a problem, dear lady,' Adrig assured her, and then as the dancing girls drifted out of the room towards 'the showers', Adrig and Edrig made their way downstairs and out.

'Imagine the scene in that shower room,' Edrig muttered.

'That is exactly what I am imagining,' replied Adrig. 'Oh my goodness. Just imagine...'

And they wandered back towards their hotel, or hostel for the homeless as they now realised that it was, and they congratulated themselves on having both finally found the dancing girls.

'And so many of them!'

'And so lovely!'


But such thoughts were banished as soon as they caught sight of the road outside of the hotel.

'The pod's gone!' squealed Adrig.

And inside, the nice lady informed them that their vehicle had been 'towed away.'

'Towed away?' demanded Adrig. 'What do you mean?'

'It's was on the yellow line for ages. The police truck came and towed it away.'

'Yellow line? Away to where?'

'To the compound. It's just over there actually, about a mile away,' and she indicated the direction with her hand while adding, 'I think they'll release it to you for about a hundred pounds, and a fine, or something like that.'

One thing was clear to them, however. Turning up at the compound and asking for the pod back was not an option, with a fake registration plate and tax disk and no insurance, even if the police had not yet detected that it was not really a Ford van.

'It all depends on whether it is parked indoors our outside,' said Adrig. 'So let's find the place and take a look.'

And with just two requests for directions they soon found the compound, and there was their pod, parked out in the open near to a dull single-storey brick building.

'That's not much of a fence around it,' commented Edrig as he surveyed the six-foot high fence without even barbed wire at the top.

'Well they would not be expecting any vehicle to leave by going upwards or over it would they?' Adrig pointed out.

And so they decided they could rather easily climb over the fence, after darkness, and get into the pod and make their way home again.

'But were we not meant to return with a fine fit footballer for our Lady Lord?' queried Edrig. But Adrid had thought of that, pointing out the rather young and slim employee visible through a window of the brick building.

'He looks like a footballer to me lad. I'm sure we can find a way to persuade him to comply once we get him home, and I've got a little trick up my sleeve about that too.'

'Oh yes?' probed Edrig, but whatever the trick was Adrig was keeping quiet about it meantime.

And so, with several hours to waste before darkness fell, they set off back towards town.

'To the ladies!' Adrig declared enthusiastically. 'Something to eat and drink and a bit more lady watching eh? It has been a good day for that my boy. A good day.'

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