Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Report on Sample 717 Continued (Part 5)

Following on from here:

Concern and relief flooded through Edrig's mind, both at the same time, as he stood on the pavement beside the pod, and Adrig approached him.

'Well, well, well, my boy,' Adrig said in his own tongue in a slow and scolding tone as he drew level with Edrig, 'What an impetuous young lad you turned out to be. And rather stupid, may I suggest?'

'How did you find me?'

'Your shoes are tagged, you silly boy. Though not these nice new shoes, I see.'

'No. The old ones are up in my room.'

'Ah, well, that is how I found you. And now wearing a more sombre and suitable outfit altogether too.'

'And the Lady Lord?'

'Don't worry lad. She knows nothing. Well, not about you running away. Macrig and me just cooked up a story about a pod malfunction. I am here to rescue you my lad. To rescue you!'

Adrig was dressed in the same outfit as before, but largely hidden beneath a long and quite civilised looking brown coat. As Edrig looked at him, he was busily wondering how much to tell Adrig, and what would be the best plan for him now.

'Do you have any money?' he eventually asked.

'Plenty,' Adrig responded.

'Well should we go into town for something to eat, and a chat... and a look at the lovely ladies?'

'A fine plan young lad. A fine plan,' agreed Adrig, and so they wandered away from the hotel, away from the parked pod, and into town.

'Look at those young ladies,' moaned Adrig in the coffee shop as he slowly took the wrapper off a muffin while his gaze was directed elsewhere.

'Gorgeous, aren't they,' agreed Edrig, before adding, 'I saw a pole dancing class Adrig.'

'You what?'

'A pole dancing class, with lots of lovely young ladies with not much clothing on. Here, in this town.'

'How did you manage that? Let's go!'

'Ah, but they sent me away. They don't allow spectators.'

'Hah! We'll see about that lad. I have a lot of money on me. We'll see about that! As soon as we have had our fill of the food and the view here, we'll see about that.'


'But I still find it hard to follow your logic young man, in what you did. Did you have a rush of blood to the head?'

'It was what the Lady Lord said,' Edrig explained, 'Her talking about me nearly being ready for her, and thinking of years in the service of her needs, when I consider what is on offer down here.'

'Ach but it's not so bad at home you know, when you get chosen by the younger ones. That is quite fun, although... I do admit... Nothing like as much fun as it would be here. Good god!'

And Adrig gazed at the giggling young women at a nearby table again.

Edrig munched on his muffin while Adrig found it impossible to divert his gaze from the young beauties, quickly pretending to be looking past them and out of the window whenever they looked towards him.

'What can do we do about things?' Edrig asked him.

'What do you mean? We can go and see those pole dancing classes, I have a plan.'

'No, but in general, about back home? About the Lady Lord?'

'Ach we must just put up with her lad, but, we can undertake many research missions, both here and elsewhere. So long as we can justify them somehow, we can have fun. It's better than running away and then getting caught then returned and used then mutilated and having your bits eaten, surely?'

'Yes,' conceded Edrig, 'though escaping properly would be good.'

'To do what? How would you make a living for a few thousand years down here?'

'I suppose,' Edrig conceded again.

'You need to take control over your youthful impetuosity lad, learn some sense from Uncle Adrig, and team up with me for a life of sneaky fun. Right, I'm done. Eat up and let's head off to those dance classes to execute my glorious plan.'

'What is it? Oh, anyway, It won't work.'

'Don't doubt me boy. It will. It will.'

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