Thursday, 14 February 2013

Aileen again

Ah... Aileen the Alien, back to take me on another quick antigravity joyride and remind me not to forget her while those supposed 'superior beings' Adrig and Edrig have been claiming my more recent attention. She is a very special lady, our Aileen. There is nobody quite like her. I have a further true but unlikely to be believed tale to tell but I am not quite sure when or where yet. There are inter-dimensional negotiations to resolve and a few avenues to explore. Still, it was lovely to see her. I did ask for a quick shot at the controls again but she said, 'No way.' Her book is selling well in another dimension. She has called it Andrew the Alien. Not very original, but appropriate, I suppose. Maybe it will come out in a box set with my one eventually. She has a funny way with words, and a rather impolite way of describing my attributes and characteristics. But she sees things very differently from how we do.


  1. Aileen is a very wise Alien!

    I do sometimes wonder if the reason that I understand her so perfectly means I am an alien too...

  2. You understand her?

    Now I am wondering if you have been talking to her?

    A conspiracy of aliens?

    Anyway, we are all aliens to someone, I'm sure.

  3. A conspiracy amongst ladies mabybe ;-)

    But on the other hand I also understand Adrig and Edrig...

    Oh what complex thoughts go on in my head ;-)

  4. Now I wonder... If Aileen and Adrig and Edrig and I were all to meet?



  5. Tiny though she is, I reckon Aileen would be more than a match for a big clumsy Lady Lord...

    You have set a train of thought in motion...

  6. It's hard to think when I'm upside down.

    I've been wondering about Aileen too.

  7. Good to see that Aileen is back for a visit! I hope her book does well ut I hope there isn't an equivalent to last chicken in the shop in her language!

  8. There was a section about the last sausage on the shelf, but I couldn't really understand it.