Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Dark Stirling

The sun almost made an appearance through the clouds as we headed across the Blackford moor,

but the hills had spun around to hide our local star by the time we reached the streets of the old town,

where a very acceptable "Massimo Skinny Latte" and a good newspaper made it a fine view to look out at while other people scurried around the shops. There were "Sales" in progress, but selling nothing that I wanted to waste my money on. The Lady Lord bought her third pair of shoes in three days though (and all the shops were closed on one of these days), prompting me to ask her how many feet she had, and enquire if she had heard of Imelda Marcos. I ducked just in time, again.


  1. I need to know the secret of finding comfortable shoes...

    Several pairs of my good comfortable favourites wore out last year and I haven't been able to replace them!

  2. My Lady Lord has "unusually thin feet", she claims (which I suspect may be something to do with her not being human) and so it is highly unusual for her to find more than one pair at a time to fit her. This recent spree may be down to luck and/or perseverance, or, as I have suggested, that her feet have got fatter over the festive season. (I ducked just in time again after that one :)

  3. Most shoes on sale are wide fitting these days, which is why I can't find any to fit.

    If I choose my correct size my feet are sliding around in them and if I choose a smaller size my toes are pressing against the shoe...

    There are properly sized shoes available but they come at a price!!

  4. Or maybe you aint human either. Another Lady Lord in this land? Oh my...

  5. Shoes are a problem. I will not/cannot wear heels, and dislike (intensely) many of the flatter styles. Factor in difficulty of fitting and you will understand why I have bowed out. I live in sandals for most of the year. Not particularly attractive sandals - but they are comfortable.

  6. My Lady Lord likes sandals with quite high heels. So do I... eh... I mean I like them on her, not on me... I don't suit high heels... I presume... I mean... Heck. Who started all this talk about ladies' shoes? Oh, it was me.

  7. When my sons were 9 and 10, I put on their wall, "I moaned because I had no shoes till I met someone who had no feet."

    They told me that they didn't mind at all walking barefoot.

    I gave up lecturing them...

  8. Everybody needs a tough Granny. I certainly had one.