Saturday, 26 January 2013


Top image courtesy of daughter. Lower snowman built by me and daughter, and photographed by me. Snowman's orange nose courtesy of good lady wife, because she didn't have any carrots. I think that covers all the legal issues, unless the snowman has any complaints to lodge with us for creating him in a mysterious world without asking his permission. Happens to us all mate. Get used to it, and the melting has already begun. Top snowman built by Mum and Dad, who were built by Grandmums and Grandads, who were built by... (etc. until the answers run out). All melted and/or melting away.


  1. If the fellow had legs, he might escape where it's colder and life is longer.

    Nevertheless, even ephemeral, life is worth an hour or a day...

  2. The tilt of his mouth suggests that he may be pondering such issues Claude.

    Alison was the creator of his face.

  3. In the top photo it looks like you are trying to disappear into the wilderness...

    In the second photo, as soon as the temperature rises the snowman will have no choice but to melt into the wilderness...