Friday, 4 January 2013

Just another wander in Perth

During which I observed...

A new coffee shop. Oh... to be investigated, though not today

A Lady Lord a lookin' out

And gloaming street scenes beneath a fine blue sky


  1. That new coffee shop seems bright and airy. I see the Christmas lights are still shining too.

  2. The new coffee shop will be assessed on Sunday afternoon.

    They'll switch the Christmas lights off this weekend I expect, then get round to removing them by about Easter.

  3. I have to admit I hate Christmas decorations lingering after their appropriate time!!

  4. Very nice outing! Thanks for sharing.

  5. A wonderful outing. And your blue skies do not look as if they would burn the retinas from anyone so unwise as to look directly at them. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and next week as we melt in the current heat wave our skies are painful to look at.