Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Coming, Going, Growing

It is ten minutes past midnight here, and apparently in the first ten minutes of my 2013 I can expect at least 2670 humans to have been born and 1080 to have died, giving us 1590 more people to live with overall.



Good Luck

I say "at least" because these are actually rates measured two years ago, and things have speeded up a bit since then. Where will it all end? When will it start declining? Why ask such daft questions?

Predictions? Forecasts? More of the same nonsense, I'd say.

Happy New Year


  1. A nice mild morning in prospect though, according to the rather stern lady in the maroon dress with a face and hands caught suggesting she would like to strangle someone, probably a man. But I may be misinterpreting. I usually do.

  2. And a vilely hot and windy day here. Bring back winter - all is forgiven.

  3. I see following on from my previous comment the weather forecast was correct for a change ;-)

  4. A mild day.Even possible to put washing on the line!