Friday, 4 January 2013

Adrig and Edrig, an update

Just for information, Adrig and Egrig's adventure on Sample 717 has undergone some editing, which may continue, and has been brought together as one document here at my Jottify site.

I am inclined to move steadily and privately on into a major Part 2, of the same length that will follow Edrig's progress and Adrig's, Alan's, Edmund's and the Lady Lord's continuing involvement too, and then perhaps a final Part 3, and I may consider more formal publication options for the novel-length version through the course of 2013.

In the meantime, thanks to those who were interested here, and for those who have not read about her already please do remember that Aileen the Alien awaits with some similarly entertaining nonsense via the link in the sidebar, and on numerous other locations worldwide.

and here is a little teaser/taster of how events on Sample 717 continue:

In the morning of his release from his exhaustive servicing of the Lady Lord, and after receiving a report from Macrig that the pod had returned empty, Adrig's first act was to start up his Sample 717 monitoring system and try to find out what Edrig was up to, for the rather crucial detail that Edrig did not know about, due to his lack of participation in the Basic Training programme, was that every field-tripper had a locator chip inserted into their footwear. Adrig's ability to visually monitor and record events on 717 was less flexible, and required complex manouvering that made real-time observations impossible, but Edrig's location remained precisely plotted as he made his escape.

Oh, my boy, my boy, my boy, what have you done? 

Adrig was thinking fast as he monitored Edrig's movement northwards at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour, and the realisation soon dawned on him that the Lady Lord would probably not know about the locator chip either, due to her disdain for the details and the value of basic training, and her general lack of attention to detail about pretty much everything other than her own comforts and sexual needs. Her delegation to a minor post in a small research unit in a remote tower on this distant outpost of the Empire of the Lady Lords was a direct result of her being one of the intellectually weaker and less diligent of the Lady Lord establishment. She followed the most crucial orders, but did little else. So stability was maintained, but it was a very lax regime compared to most.

Hmm... That may save the day for him, if we play this right, pondered Adrig.


  1. Let me know when Part Two is ready for public consumption...

  2. I will do, although that may not be until Part 3 is ready too, depending on how things go. Thanks for your interest.

  3. I should have known better than to print the story as you were offering it on the blog.

    The reason I did is that you have been known to withdraw suddenly not only a post or two, but whole blogs. I was afraid to lose our friends forever.

    Ah! well...I will go and reread the edited version. The comment I already posted there was for what I had read on the blog.

  4. Ach no Claude. Your decision was wise for I am a fickle one, and just think how much your Grandkids grandkids may be able to sell the unpublished first version of Part 1 for one day? Millions... (or perhaps not :) The version at Jottify won't change much, but the private edit of Part 1 of the whole three-parter might. Or I might abandon it all and move on. I do also have the sequel to Aileen the Alien close to done, but I am awaiting some information about the first book before I decide its fate. But I enjoy my possibly pointless hobby (which could also be a description of life, in my opinion).