Saturday, 8 June 2013

Done Don

The persona of noble Don QuiScottie is riding off into the sunset, having had his day here. I will be blogging in future as Andrew MacLaren-Scott at There are good professional and personal reasons for this, but there is no need to relate them here.

This Don QuiScottie blog will remain live meantime and my new site also carries all the posts of this blog and also my previous blogging identities as Homo Insciens and plain Andrew Scott.

Dulcinea is faithfully clinging to the back of her Deluded Don as the good horse Apocalypse takes them onwards and into the history of the future, a history that may one day be told in full if fancy takes me that way. I have had some fun with the Don, and with Dulcinea.

I give my thanks to those who have been along for the ride.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Solitary journey

As it is for us all, really

Day 1

Princess QuiScottie, home for the weekend, took this photo as she and The Good Lady Dulcinea had their breakfast in the garden while the Don was still asleep and dreaming of riding out on his new steed Apocalypse to change the world. Not a bad morning for what I regard as the first morning of Summer. By the time I got out there it was raining, but the sun returned for the evening.

At the bottom of my garden

Each year just what Nature grows, and this year Nature has chosen to dress in white

Heavy Metal High

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Above and by the Forth

No dream scene today, although the first one looks like it. An early evening assignment in Edinburgh gave me the opportunity to take a wander across the walkway at the side of the Forth Road Bridge, and get this nice effect by pointing the camera at the sun shining through clouds. No image manipulation, just what the digital camera does when its sensors are overloaded


Then turning away from the sun to look out from the highest middle point, where a touch of vertigo kicked in, and I would have been more relaxed had my mind not been disturbed by the notices with helpline numbers trying to discourage people from jumping. I never used to get vertigo when I was young carefree and immortal.

The towers are impressive testimony to the power of metallic engineering

Then safely back at South Queensferry for some food and liquid refreshment in the sunshine

It turned out to be a marvelous day actually, when all I was expecting in the morning was a rather tedious trip. There's got to be a lesson in there. Oh yeah... seize the day and make of it what you can.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The corridor

That dream again. Do you ever get it? Walking down a long corridor and thinking, 'I've been here before...'

What does it mean? Or does it mean nothing? And I always walk on with a sense of foreboding, in the dream. If it is a dream.

And there are doorways off to the left and right, some with escape signs encouraging me to run... but I never turn into them. I always plod on. And there are fire hoses too, and alarm buttons to push, but I never pull out the hoses or set off the alarms. I always plod on towards the light at the end, but it never gets any nearer.

And I never meet anyone. I just plod on, and on... and on...

And then I wake up.

And then I plod on...

Monday, 27 May 2013


Not intended as works of abstract art, but they could be

A bit of leg

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Into a new dimension

The Don and his Darling Dulcinea came over all modern on Saturday evening and took in 3-D cinematography with 3-D glasses on for the first time, and I think Dulcinea looked very fetching in them (as she does in anything, or nothing), while The Don just looked ridiculous (as he does in most things, and especially in nothing).

We also took little Aileen the Alien in heavy disguise, and as she was assessed as being a small child we had to give our express permission for her to view the Certificate 12A Star Trek - Into Darkness, which precaution she found absolutely hilarious, muttering, "This little kiddy could show them something that would scare them witless," before I told her to shut up if she wanted to see the film.

"Only 3-D?" she kept teasing... "5-D is far superior, although 7-D does get a bit confusing."

Oh, and have you heard that old Rocinante has been pensioned off and The Don has a new and genetically engineered horror horse called Apocalypse, now?

I mean I've got her (yes her - the females are always the worst, which means best) now, and she is called Apocalypse. I don't mean that she is called Apocalypse Now. That would be silly. We are riding out into the world soon. Be warned...

Oh, and Dulcinea and Aileen have now both approved the proof copy of Alien Island, the sequel to Aileen the Alien, so it will be hitting the bookstores with its follow-up and once again entirely true story, but once again disguised as a 'novella', in just a few weeks, and in both print and digital forms eventually. I know the world has been waiting.

There are also some other equally questionable treats on the proof presses at this very moment.

By the way, did you notice all those empty seats behind us? Something scared everybody away, and I'm not sure that it was Aileen.

Brief encounter

It is not going to last...

Neither that ice cream nor the sunshine, but dear daughter sends this sun-bleached heat hazy image to allow me to record that Edinburgh did get one warm sunny spell during this cold year.

She always did like her ice cream, but I think this is her first one in 2013. Not until May 25th? Amazing.

There are, however, forecasts that June is going to be "a scorcher". Hmm. I doubt it, but if it is you can be sure that I'll be moaning about the heat before too long.

Ignoring the signs



Oh... what's the point?

And she's not even insured either.

And before I get hauled onto news programmes and condemned in the newspapers like this week's silly cyclist-bashing tweeter girl in the UK... I do not approve of my little friend flying uninsured and upside down at 127 in a 30 zone. Oh... but nobody believes me about her anyway, so we should be fine.

The geometry of that sign is still puzzling me though... Sometimes I wonder about my grip on reality... I really do... but then Aileen, through her snazzy neck translator ring thingy, says, "Don't be silly. You're fine, for a human," and that reassures me.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Bright for a bit

Yesterday's sunset through my study window

And sitting in the garden looking up today

Heavy rain is forecast for Monday though.

We are off to see 'Star Trek - into darkness' now. Aileen can't wait. Heavy disguise required, and I hope her excited chirping does not attract too much attention. I have tried to persuade her it is not meant to be taken too seriously but I'm not sure she quite "gets it" actually. Not many people, of whatever species I interact with, do "get it" when I speak. It couldn't be my fault could it?

Friday, 24 May 2013

Innocent tunnel

Photos courtesy of my daughter on her way home tonight from The Sheep Heid Inn, and this very long tunnel is not the place to be at night if you are unsure of your friends. It was part of The Innocent Railway, reputedly named that because no workers died during its construction, although an alternative explanation says the name refers to the fact that the railway was horse-drawn during an era when steam engine trains were thought to be unsafe.  It was the first public railway tunnel in Scotland, possibly in Britain as well, built in 1830.

I am led to believe that they are three nice lads. They probably have more to fear from her actually. I think that's her boyfriend standing alone with the eh... welcoming arms?

It's one third of a mile long and you can take a cycle ride through it on this link.

Apparently there is "a Rave" taking place in the tunnel later tonight, so you might just get there in time to enjoy the noise (eh, music) echoing off these walls if you hurry. I'll give it a miss myself.

She also took a photo of the moon reflecting off Duddingston Loch

There is something about the old historical places in Edinburgh that is very appealing, at least to me, being of Edinburgh origin.