Monday, 17 December 2012

Report on Sample 717 (Part 5)

Following on from Part 4:

'I need a wash.' said Adrig, heading towards the shower cubicle, 'She gets annoyed if you say you need a wash after her though.'

'And we wouldn't want our Lady Lord to get annoyed, would we?'

'Damn right we wouldn't. She's well capable of chopping my bits off and cooking them.'

'Perhaps,' agreed Edrig. 'Some do claim that she has done so before, but of equal interest to you should be whether or not she is capable of producing another child for you. Another child for you to support.'

'Ach, I think she's too old. I hope so anyway. She's over three thousand and two hundred you know.'

'And what's that in Sample 717 years?' enquired Edrig, as his attention turned again to the virtual scenes in front of him, which now displayed a split image of the pyramids of Egypt and the Earth's moon as viewed from orbit.

'It's about three thousand and two hundred years,' Adrig informed him. 'The orbital mechanics of the planetary system of 717 are closely based on our own place remember. Or did I not tell you that?'

'No you didn't,' said Edrig, rather distractedly, 'but I'll tell you what's puzzling me now. How can they have missed all the obvious signals that their place has been purposely designed by someone?'

'Ah yes,' said Adrig, still standing halfway between Edrig and the shower room. 'The fundamental mathematical ratios between the size of their planet and its moon? The disc of the moon appearing the same size as the disc of the sun? The desert graffiti? The fine-tuning of their local physics? Oh... There is just so much of it isn't there?'

'There is! And yet they think it is all just coincidence!'

'They do. They have a bizarre faith in coincidence. Most of them anyway. You can make something obvious to some specimens but that doesn't necessarily mean they will see it. But what happened to the nightclub? I thought you were enjoying that?'

'A fight broke out.'

'Oh yes, I remember seeing that now you mention it.'

'And the fat men in black suits started hitting the thin men in blue jeans. It upset me. There was blood. Yuk! It reminded me of when our ladies get angry with each other.'

'Ah yes, we do want to avoid thinking of our ladies angry. Very disturbing. Right! I'm off to wash her damn scum off me.'

'Shhhhhh! You take too many risks Adrig.'

'I do... I do... Ha! And wait 'till you hear about my next plan for us young lad.'

'For us?'

'Yes, for us,' Adrig declared firmly. '

Intriguing, thought Edrig. And worrying, perhaps. And then he rewound the display back to the pole dancing and settled into his soft seat to watch again. No testosterjuice was required for him to appreciate what Sample 717 had to offer.


  1. I suspect Edrig is right to be worried. I also more than suspect he will go along with whatever Adrig has in mind.

  2. I think an adventure may be on its way for the Superior Being chaps... but it may not turn out as they wish.