Sunday, 16 December 2012

Report on Sample 717 (Part 4)

Following on from Part 3:

When Adrig began his walk down to the Lady Lord he did so with a muddled mind. He was pondering what he knew about life on Sample 717, and thinking especially of the ladies there. Not dominant, he thought, how strange. They are more socially smart than the men, but they are not dominant. Perhaps they have to be more socially smart because they are not dominant. And so slim and light... And the men do not have to obey the ladies' commands. How strange.

Life, he thought, might be quite tolerable in Sample 717. There were ladies he could enjoy here at home, but only when he was lucky enough to be chosen by one of them. And today, unfortunately, he had been unlucky enough to be chosen by the old large Lady Lord. Ah well, though, not so dreadful really, as the testosterjuice began to reach its target.

A few of the Lady Lord's younger maids whistled at him as he arrived at her offices and made his way through to her back room. Why did they have to do that? It was so humiliating. Was he just a piece of useful flesh to them? A bit of walking meat? Did he have no dignity?

And as he approached the Lady Lord's door the thought occurred to him again that escape, for a time at least, might just be possible, if only he could make the case for a field trip to 717. Imagine that! Himself and Edrig perhaps, on a field trip there. To the nightclubs!

And then he was entering the Lady Lord's office, where she was already laid out on her big bed in the corner, but with her bulging body thankfully covered in a dark sheet.

'Well hello there lover boy,' the Lady Lord said leeringly, 'What has my pretty man got for me today then?'

Adrig smiled, but inside he sighed, and he thought of the gyrating ladies of Sample 717, and of escape.


  1. And he can't even 'lie back and think of England' as my mother's generation were told. Lady Lord will undoubtedly require more activity than that. Poor Adrig - how he suffers...

  2. Soon people will have to be of a certain age to be allowed to read your blog, Andrew.

  3. Old ladies or young children?

    I think it will just about remain suitable for both.

    What young children say these days often shocks me, and old ladies have always been capable of shocking me :)

  4. Glad to hear you feel sorry for him EC. It's a tough job being male, sometimes.