Saturday, 15 December 2012

Report on Sample 717 (Part 3)

Following on from Part 2:

'Bloody hell she's coming! Quick! Fast forward! Oh no... that's worse! Back! Back to the lecture theatre!'

Adrig was screaming, but screaming as quietly as he could, as some heavy lumbering footsteps sounded loudly on the metal stairway.

Edrig fumbled frantically with the virtual controls, waving his hand ineffectually at the images of slim and beautiful oil-lathered human ladies gyrating around steel poles.

'Just turn the damn thing off!' Adrig screeched, as the footsteps drew closer.

Edrig jumped and stamped on the floor, and the sensual images from Sample 717, Planet Earth, dissipated into nothing, just as the doorway darkened and they turned to see their powerful wide Lady Lord standing there in her voluminous black gown, arms folded across a massively bulging chest.

Please no, they both thought. Making children is all very well, but please not with the Lady Lord.

'What are you up to?' she asked quietly, but in a very sinister tone. 'And why are you not working? Why did you tell him to turn it off?'

'We are working,' came Adrig's thin and clearly rather terrified voice. 'We eh...'

'We just needed to reflect,' Edrig offered, 'on the stupidity... the stupidity of eh...'

'What sample are you monitoring?' their Lady Lord demanded.


'Oh,' she said, 'I don't think I've ever looked at that one.'

'It's not very interesting,' offered Edrig, quickly.

'No... Very boring,' Adrig agreed.

The Lady Lord furrowed her brow, which made some of her large red pimples join together somewhat, and she absently pulled at a few of the dark hairs protruding from one of her nostrils and tugged them out.

'Well you get back to work Edrig,' she commanded. 'And you, Adrig, Downstairs now. I am feeling broody. You like your big old Lady Lord don't you?'

'Eh... May I finish my testosterjuice?' pleaded Adrig. 'Not that I need it of course, my lovely,' he quickly added, 'but it will make me better.'

'I bloody well hope so!' boomed the very large Lady Lord, before conceding, 'Well then, finish it off, and have a second one too, but don't take long about it. I'll be down there, waiting.'

And as she turned and slowly began to descend the stairs Edrig whispered in Adrig's ear.

'Make the other juice a very strong one, and you may even enjoy it.'

'With her? Oh, perhaps, to some small degree,' Adrig conceded, 'if only I can delay long enough for the bloody testosterjuice to kick in. I mean without that, it's a hell of a prospect, isn't it?'

'Ach go on,' Edrig encouraged him. 'Drink up, get down there, and try to have fun. And while you keep her busy I'll get back to my work.'

'At the nightclub?'

'At the nightclub,' agreed Edrig,with a smile. 'Monitoring, and reviewing. Working.'


  1. Edrig is enjoying Adrig's discomfort isn't he?

  2. The Lady Lord furrowed her brow, which made some of her large red pimples join together somewhat

    Oh, purple prose.

  3. I choose to be complimented James :)

    I think these Superior Being lads could both get themselves into a bit of bother EC

  4. It's very well done, Andrew. If only it could also be visual...

  5. The mind's eye does that Claude, though more description will be forthcoming, if the series continues. It's just a mere diversion at present.