Thursday, 13 December 2012

Report on Sample 717 (Part 1)

'Look,' said the superior being as he nodded towards the three dimensional image in the space in front of him. 'This is typical. Listen.'

And the other superior being listened as the human in the lecture hall declared, '... and so the natural selection of mutations that enhance reproductive success powers the steady evolution of each species, and the divergence into new forms.'

'But he's correct,' the second and more junior superior being said, 'that's how it all happened on that one.'

'Yes, he is correct,' the senior superior being agreed, 'but at the same time he is so blissfully unaware of everything else. So unaware of us, for one thing. Just listen to this.' And at the flick of a skinny hand the existing image dissipated to be replaced by the same speaker in the same lecture hall but clearly at a different moment in his presentation.

'There is no need for any gods in the universe, or for anything at all except us, if all that we have to explain is us.'

'But we are not gods,' the junior superior being declared, causing the senior one to sigh a little.

'No. We are not. But he is dismissing the idea of anything outside his own limited kind.'

'Well, he just said there is no need for anything else.'

'Yes, but so dismissively don't you think?'

'I'm not so sure.'

'Oh Edrig, Edrig, Edrig,' the senior superior being said, 'You give them too much credit.'

'Well their limitations are not their fault are they?' Edrig insisted. 'You know Adrig you sometimes sound as if you really dislike them.'

'Do I?' asked Adrig, the senior superior being. 'Ah yes, perhaps I do. But it comes from having to study them for so long. They make me despair sometimes. So thank goodness my report is almost ready.'

'And you want me to review it for you?'

'Yes. Please. I didn't say that earlier for I feared you might not come. But now you're here, will you?'

'Of course,' agreed Edrig. 'It should be interesting.'

'Don't be so sure,' cautioned Adrig.' Don't be so sure. 'But some of it will amuse you. For example, take a look at this.'

And they looked and they listened as the virtual reality in front of then played back the sermon from a small church in the English countryside.

'Oh... my... good... god...' said Edrig, slowly.

'Indeed,' said Adrig. 'Indeed.'


  1. Never mind Adrig and Edrig despairing of us - sometimes I do too.

  2. I'll try to let them know that EC :)

    I suspect they will have detected the subset of such people as part of their investigations. I await further installments.

  3. I'm quite sure they have their own idiosyncrasies and peculiarities.It will be fun to psycho analyse them too.

  4. Looking forward to more updates Don