Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Report on Sample 717 (Part 6)

Following on from Part 5:

Adrig and Edrig requested, and were granted, a meeting with the Lady Lord the next morning, and Adrig was doing the talking.

'There are aspects of Sample 717, my Lady Lord, that suggest a field trip could be worthwhile.'

'Really?' boomed the Lady Lord fiercely, 'I thought you said it was a boring place.'

'Eh... that is part of the issue,' Adrig tried to explain, feeling his way. 'The men seem very boring to Edrig and myself, but they are inordinately interested in sex.'


Ah... The Lady Lord's attention had been grabbed.

'They can't get enough of it. They actually initiate it all the time. They lie outrageously just in order to get it.'

'Really?' The big Lady Lordy one exclaimed again.

Yes really, thought young Edrig, who was standing beside Adrig. It's really true because their ladies look very different to you. But while he thought, he did not speak.

'We could bring you one,' Adrig continued, his plans getting ever more elaborate as he made them up. 'Or more than one. That's one of the points of the sample examination after all, to find improvements to contribute to the development of our species.'

'And where would you find me some good specimens for rigorous testing?' the now very interested Lady Lord enquired.

'They call them nightclubs my Lady. Places where men and women go to meet.'

'Why would the women do that? Why would the women not just call on the men to obey when they were needed?'

'Eh... well... different... Eh... Well... that's something for us to consider and put in our report. And you may be interested to know that the men on 717 can last in their passion for a very long time my lady, especially the ones known as footballers.'

'Whereas you weak lot don't last long at all, do you? Pathetic sometimes.'

'I'm sorry, my Lady. We do our best.'

The Lady Lord had a reputation for tempestuousness. She was very fickle. But in what way would her fickle mood run today, Adrig wondered.

'Very well,' she finally declared. Get in there and get me some of their men to try, but why does it need two of you? Edrig could stay here and keep me entertained.'

'We need a pair of us for credibility and disguise. The men there work in pairs in nightclubs. They...'

'Really? I still don't understand why they would not just wait to be chosen and told what to do, as Nature intended, surely?'

'We, eh... We could look into that.'

'Go then! Permission is granted, and bring me back something good, or you two will be on the menu, together.'

'For sex?' Edrig asked nervously.

'Depends if I am hungry. Ha ha!,' the Lady Lord said ambiguously and with a teasing grin. 'I am an old lady who hankers after the old ways, and we are rather isolated up here aren't we?'

And she gave an even bigger grin that bared her old stained teeth, which she then clacked up and down towards Adrig and Edrig's timid faces, threateningly.


  1. The Lady Lord had a reputation for tempestuousness.

    Or irascibility?

  2. That too, I am sure James, but not quite the same thing, I don't think.

  3. A manipulative pair aren't they? I even found myself feeling (a little) sorry for Lady Lord. More please. I am intrigued.

  4. The nonsense just keeps coming EC. Tomorrow's installment is penned already, and I have a good inkling of several events that I expect to unfold as I observe them.

  5. I am enjoying how this story unfolds :-)

  6. Thanks Cherie, that's good to know. If anyone enjoys reading I will continue. If not I may stop. It is an enjoyable diversion for me over a cup of tea or a coffee. Or while lying in bed. I have just received news of a small disaster that befalls our strangely scatty superior pair, somewhat later. I don't know where the news comes from Some sort of psychic channeling I think :) Goodnight.