Thursday, 27 December 2012

My Lady Dulcinea with her friends

She doesn't look very amused does she? I was laughing though. I don't know why.


  1. Those cows don't look too friendly, no wonder your good lady looks a little apprehensive...

    I offer her my hand so we can escape from those evil/malevolent cows!!!

    Girls have to stick together it is the only way to make sense of the chaos that surrounds...

  2. Yeah, an awkward bunch of cows altogether...

    But though I call her My Lady, I think we both know that she's really the Lady Lord,so I had better be careful ;)


  3. I think she is a far more attractive Lady Lord than the Lady Lord who features in...

  4. She is less dangerous too, Cherie :)

    It is rather sweet James, and despite any appearances to the contrary all subjects are actually very friendly.

  5. I'm sure your Lady can handle the situation quite well. She's probably seen worse...

    I love the photo.

  6. "She's probably seen worse..."

    Whatever can you mean? :)

  7. Watch out for that one with an Ak 47 and a Dundee shirt with number 7 on the back.It's a right wing military coo!

  8. CherryPie and Claude have said almost everything for me. Almost everything. Cows have the most gentle eyes and I could never consider them malevolent. Bulls are another matter...
    Happy New Year to you and to your Lady Lord.

  9. Thanks, and good New Year wishes to you too.