Friday, 14 December 2012

Cold Köln

Guest photos today, courtesy of my daughter just back from hitting the Christmas markets with her man in cold Cologne (Köln)

Her man is not good with heights, hence the next photo as she headed higher. Sorry Dave, but where she leads you should follow.


  1. I have to admit I am with Dave on the heights! Mr C has to do them alone ;-)

    But I think the views from the top are very impressive :-)

  2. What a brave, pretty young woman! And the result is fantastic. Good appetite too...

  3. She may have been cold - but that smile was heart warming. And I loved her photos too.

  4. She reports that the "good appetite" was handling a "waffle with banana, chocolate sauce and cream", Claude. Energy needed to climb up so high :)

    Glad you like the photos people - saves me the trouble of going to Cologne.

    I think my son is in Paris now. May try to get him to work as a photo agent too, but he tends to be more preoccupied with his own world.